Why is My Manifestation Process Unsuccessful? Reasons #3 to 80

The manifestation processes is a form of spiritual alchemy. Most forms of chemistry, including spiritual solutions, are contraindicated. Conditions and factors that serve as a reason to be aware of the manifestation process as a treatment solution (or temporarily withhold it, due to the impacts of Point #1 and Point #2 ) for the spiritual aspirant’s problems until these conditions are appropriately addressed, are outlined below.

Manifestation Process Contraindications:

  1. Consistent and persistent and excessive negative thoughts
  2. Rejection of shadow material
  3. Emotional, mental and spiritual projections
  4. Excess intuition or deficient intuition
  5. Excess empathy or deficient empathy
  6. High sensitivity or low sensitivity
  7. Confusion
  8. People pleasing
  9. Self-centeredness
  10. Excess ambition or deficient ambition
  11. Lack of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual grounding
  12. Conditioned negative thinking
  13. Lack of integrity
  14. Lack of personal honour
  15. Poor character judgement
  16. Lack of planning
  17. Negative intentions or motivations
  18. Hidden agendas
  19. Lack of discernment
  20. A lack of awareness of your ego
  21. Ego inflations
  22. Excessive sense of responsibility
  23. Lack of responsibity
  24. Flagellation
  25. Excess mental energy
  26. Excess thinking or lack thinking
  27. Excess or lack of common sense
  28. Inability to surrender or let go
  29. Inability to persevere
  30. Overly grounded spirit
  31. Inability to ground the spirit.
  32. Inability to dialogue with your inner wisdom.
  33. Excess or deficiency of personal boundaries.
  34. Poor judge of character
  35. Denial of life-death-life cycles
  36. Denial of the seasons of nature
  37. Sense of entitlement
  38. Tendency to overcompensate
  39. Feeling overwhelmed
  40. Emotional gluttony
  41. Mental gluttony
  42. Spiritual gluttony
  43. Greed
  44. Emotional lust
  45. Mental lust
  46. Spiritual lust
  47. Addiction to any person, place, event or thing such as money, relationships, love, sex, comfort, security, luxury, glamour, spirituality, seeking, healing, helping, perfection, approval, fame, recognition, the past, the future, etc.
  48. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalance
  49. Denial of feelings and emotions
  50. Unexpressed emotions
  51. Unhealthy emotional detachment
  52. Lack of emotional involvement
  53. Lack of mental involvement
  54. Lack of spiritual involvement
  55. Pride
  56. Criticism
  57. Boredom
  58. Pessimism
  59. Frustration
  60. Disappointment
  61. Doubt
  62. Worry
  63. Anxiety
  64. Blame
  65. Discouragement
  66. Anger
  67. Revenge
  68. Fury
  69. Hate
  70. Jealousy
  71. Insecurity
  72. Guilt
  73. Unworthiness
  74. Grief
  75. Despair
  76. Inertia
  77. Laziness
  78. Pity

This list is not exhaustive, but it contains some of the major factors to be considered and cautions to observe when participating in the manifestation process. They also represent the many reasons why your manifestation process may not be working for you.


Hicks, Esther & Jerry. Ask and It is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires. New York: Hay House, 2004

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