The Soul Purpose of the Manifestation Process

The ability to acquire earthly goods is not a trustworthy reflection of your ability to master the manifestation process.  Having plenty of stuff in your life, regardless of the means you use to acquire it, proves nothing to your soul but everything to your ego. If you:

  • have a fulfilling relationship with the universe or the Divine, and
  • your perception of an ideal career is a matter of knowing how to love what you do, instead of needing to do what you love, and
  • you have no deep urge to be famous, or to accumulate vast amounts of money, or live in glamour and luxury because you are satisfied with a balanced lifestyle,

then you will know that your ability to materialise earthly goods, a wonderful relationship and an ideal career is not a measure of the level of your self-esteem and how well you value yourself. Your earthly possessions, gained by the manifestation process, or by inheritance, or hard work, or sacrifice, or by marriage, or any other means are not a mirror of your self-opinion, self-value, self-regard, self-esteem or self-worth.

The ego is fickle. It is always trying to get you to prove something to yourself, or to others, or both. You can trust your ego one minute, and not the next. It enjoys flexing its muscles and throwing its weight about in your life. This is the ego’s way of saying that it wants you to believe it’s the boss. You can trust your ego to object to everything in your life. You can trust your ego to agree with everything. You can trust your ego to avoid change when you crave change. You can trust your ego to trigger change in your life when you are happy with life as it is. You can trust your ego to try to control everything.  You can trust it to try to control everything by telling you that you must let go of everything, something or anything. It wants more and then it wants less. Enough is never enough.

An excess or deficiency of anything in your life tips your life out of balance. Abundance and lack are not good for you. They throw your life out of balance because they are either too much or not enough. Another word for abundance is excess. Another word for lack is deficiency. Another word for balance is enough. Enough is just right. It’s not too little and it’s not too much.  An excess or deficiency of anything, such as a place, object, event, situation, issue, relationship, thought, belief, faith, trust, will power, action, emotion, feeling, attitude, appreciation, recognition, love, passion or positivity and so on, means your life is out of balance.

Excessive recognition is known as fame or celebrity. Excessive approval is known as popularity. An excess of love is smothering. An excess of passion is overwhelming. An excessive will power is overbearing. An excess of positivity creates negative physical, emotional, mental or spiritual projections. A deficiency of love creates neediness. A lack of passion is draining. A lack of will power creates inertia. A lack of self-regard drives the need to prove one’s value to others.  There are benefits and pitfalls to having a lack of something or too much of something. They serve their purpose as a method of compensation, but any excess or deficiency in any area of your life is meant to be temporary not permanent. This is why the concept of abundance as a permanent state of being is not healthy. It is addictive because your ego can’t let go of abundance.

Your ego will never be satisfied with enough. You’re a parent but that is not enough for your ego. It wants you to do more than that. As far as the soul is concerned, you are a parent, so being a parent is the most important role you will ever play in your life. Your contribution to the evolution of consciousness of the collective soul through the parent archetype is invaluable. Parenting is a paradox. It is not about you, but it is all about you. Every other role that you play in your life must come second, third, fourth and so on.

Your ego will not be satisfied with balance. It will never be satisfied with abundance. It will never be satisfied with lack. Your ego is head over heels in passionate love with creating an abundant lifestyle because enough is never enough for the ego. The upside to this is that the ego can help to trigger change, which means personal development and movement and genuine spiritual growth are possible.

The ego might think it’s being clever, but the ability to manifest what you want is hardly the hallmark of spiritual intelligence. Rather than producing something of earthly value that you can see, smell, taste, touch or hear in your physical world, the real, soul purpose of manifestation is to produce something invisible. Your ego might think that manifestation is all about creating the lifestyle of your dreams, but it might be that you are meant to connect with your soul for the first time. Or you might develop or evolve your relationship with the Divine and the whole of creation through the manifestation process. You might learn humility or any number of personal qualities and characteristics that no-one but you and your God or your soul will be privy to. The soul purpose of your manifestation process may be to learn how to appreciate your health. When your ego finally gets what it wants, it craves more, or it desires less, but your soul is easily satisfied when your life is not too much, and not too little, but just right. It is balanced.

If you would like to learn more about balance, excess and deficiencies, then contact me here for a complimentary e-book of “A Question of Balance – Colour, Energy and Healing with Chakras,” by Gail Goodwin.

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