What is My Purpose?

Until I defined my values, I did not know my life’s purpose. I thought I knew my purpose, but I learned that life’s purpose is not a job. Life’s purpose is to be, not to do.

Choose your values. Choose your purpose. Manifest your life purpose.
Life’s purpose is not a job. Life’s purpose is to be, not to do.

I watched as life’s purpose chose others but not me. I was beginning to think there was something wrong with me. Life’s purpose had not yet chosen me. Why not? Was I not good enough? Was I too young? Not smart enough? Was my ego too big or too small? By the time I reached mid-forties, I realised that I could choose my life’s purpose. I could decide what it would be. I claimed my life purpose because it had not claimed me.

I relied on my values to help me do it. What I valued most became my life purpose. I valued honesty, so I decided that is my purpose. I would be honest. I valued honour, so I decided that honour is my purpose. I would be honourable. I valued creativity, so I made creativity my purpose. I would be creative.

Where before I thought I had no purpose, now I had so many I started to feel overwhelmed. I felt compelled to demonstrate my values but I was immobilised by them until I began to apply one value at a time to each situation in my life. Situations such as family, relationships, health, work, financial, social and cultural became the ground on which I built my purpose.

There was a sense of freedom that overcame me when I realised that my life’s purpose was my choice. I had chosen my values and I was free to choose my purpose. By applying my values, I was fulfilling my purpose. I was manifesting my purpose.