Stages of Spiritual Development

The process of spiritual development appears to move through a number of stages. There are times when you may find yourself in a state of being:

  • Dependent
  • Co-dependent
  • Independent
  • Interdependent

Dependence encompasses physical dependence, emotional dependence, mental dependence and spiritual dependence on the Divine.

Sometimes, there is also a process of physical co-dependency, emotional co-dependency, mental co-dependency and spiritual co-dependency on the Divine. Co-dependency occurs when there is a tendency to resist change, and thus growth.

Next, there may be a process of physical independence, emotional independence, mental independence and spiritual independence of the Divine. This is the dawning of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual empowerment.

Then there may be a process of physical interdependence, emotional interdependence, mental interdependence and spiritual interdependence.  At this stage, you begin to realise that All is One, without a second.

Moving from one stage to another is a process of letting go, attaching and then letting go, attaching and letting go. Any form of loss, or letting go, or surrender, will trigger the grieving process in order to heal your relationship with the Divine within and without. Spiritual depression is common. It is one of many stages of healing. You are not meant to remain a victim of original sin indefinitely.

Your process of spiritual development might begin with dependency or co-dependency. Spurred on by the urge to grow and evolve, you will move into independence in order to attain spiritual interdependence, where you realise that you are at one with the whole of creation.

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