Synthesise Your Life Purpose

Your life purpose is multi dimensional. With so many aspects to it, living your purpose can become a challenge. Especially when life speeds up and additional demands call for your time and energy. How do you synthesise your life purpose into one cohesive whole?

There are 5 dimensions to your life purpose.

To synthesise your purpose, how can you be, so you can then do?
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The search for life purpose is one thing. Identifying it comes second. Followed closely by describing your life purpose. Dimensions two and three are important to clarify because, as you know, your life purpose is not your job. This is called your ideal career, rather than your life purpose.

The fourth dimension is to embody your life purpose. Then five takes you into the nitty gritty. This is where you apply your life purpose to daily life.

Often, dimensions four and five can be the most challenging. You have to actually become your life purpose, to live and breathe it 24/7. That’s another reason why your life purpose is not a job, no matter how well it fits you and your lifestyle.

And maybe that’s why some people prefer to keep searching, stalling, or procrastinating on delivering their purpose rather than committing to it. After all, embodying your purpose so you can live it 24/7 is a huge commitment.

Add to this, if you’re not too sure if your purpose is correct, then you’d be inclined to give up before you start. But giving up will force your soul to cause all sorts of havoc in your life. That is, until you give in and get back on the path to your purpose. You know deep down that your soul will not settle for anything less.

Is it any wonder that some are afraid of experiencing genuine fulfilment? It’s easier to dismiss the path to your purpose as a bit hoo do woo woo. Then of course there are those who try to make it more appealing, by stuffing it with too much fluff.

As such, the prospect of manifesting your life purpose shifts from being achievable to unbelievable. Or impossible because you think it will get in the way of your current commitments. Or it will scare off people who are important to you.

The thing is, how do you manage your life purpose once you start living it 24/7? In other words, after analysing your life purpose, how do you synthesise it?

Before we answer this, what about the elephant in the room? It’s been there for so long that some people have built their lives on it. Or around it.

There are human beings and somehow, there are human doings. Human doings tend to act as if their purpose is to do something big first in order to be something big. Human doings tend to do, then be. Produce some do do. Make it. Sell the do do to other human doings in world so everyone involved can then be something. Admired, popular, or famous. You get the idea.

Where as human beings, as the name suggests, tend to be first then do. Human beings become the person they need to be before they do what they need to do. Emphasis is on the word need because your life purpose is more of a human need than a human want.

So yet another question needs to be addressed if you want to know how to synthesise your life purpose.

To synthesise your purpose, how can you be, so you can then do?

  1. Identify what you want to be by listing your values, such as mutual respect. Truth. Honesty. Integrity. Personal Honour. Loyalty. Trust. Love.
  2. Apply your values to your current commitments and to everything you do in your life as it is now. Here’s what that looks like: Be honourable at work. Be compassionate at home. Be true to yourself.
  3. Assess each situation, choose the appropriate value and then act it out.

How do you synthesise your life purpose? Be here now, 24/7, standing in your best value instead of in the do do.