Why is My Manifestation Process Unsuccessful? Reasons #81 to 91

Following on from previous reasons here, that provide some insights into why some manifestation processes are difficult or not successful, here are reasons #81 to 91 outlined below.

81. Your life is already balanced. Your soul is satisfied with the concept of being, doing and having enough, as opposed to being, doing and having abundance. Therefore your soul has no need for you to manifest abundance.

82. You want too much. Your desire for abundance, which manifests too much, is greater than your desire for balance, which manifests enough.

83. You are resisting the truth of the previous point, #82.

84. You lack the courage to let go of what you don’t need anymore.

85. You are afraid of change. Your fear of change is greater than your desire to have enough.

86. You are trying to prove your worth to yourself or others, instead of accepting your physical self, emotional self, mental self and spiritual self.

87. Your need to control is greater than your need to let go.

88. You have become physically, emotionally or mentally co-dependent on spiritual welfare and handouts from the universe. You want the universe to provide you with spiritual unemployment benefits.

89. You want abundance to be a permanent state of being instead of a temporary method of compensation designed to bring your life back into balance.

90. The manifestation process is not a suitable way for YOU and your body, soul and spirit to realise the presence of the divine in your life.

91. You are using the manifestation process as a way to heal your body, emotions, mind or spirit and it is not in your destiny to do that. There are other methods you are meant to use in place of the manifestation process.

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