Be Well Do Well

You’re not the same person you were a decade ago. Your thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and perspectives have changed. Your mind has changed so your values and behaviour will have changed too.

You’re older. And wiser. You know more than you did back then. You’ve added to your skill set. You’ve overcome some difficult challenges and grown. You’ve deepened your life experience. You understand yourself and others so much better now. You’ve changed. And change is constant. Variation is the norm.

You are evolving.

Knowledge + Experience x (Time + Energy) = Wisdom.
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This is how it works:

Your knowledge + your experience x (your time + your energy) = your wisdom.

So what are you doing with your wisdom? What are your plans?

One part of our purpose of life is to evolve in wisdom. In other words, to grow. And the purpose of wisdom is to share it. So part of the purpose of life is to grow and to give. But you need plenty of energy to do both without it becoming a drain on your energy. Without it depleting your spirit.

Your life purpose is not singular. It’s multi purpose. Meaning there are many parts to it. That’s why it takes a lot of mental, emotional and physical energy to fulfil it.

You have a purpose at home, at work, at rest and at play. Actually, you have a purpose in every corner of your life. And those corners are not confined to your self and your immediate environment. Although it’s easier to start there and then work your way out. Start local and watch the effects overflow to global.

Bottom line? To be on purpose you need to be well. Be well and you will do well. You can read more about how to do that here:

Be well. Do well. Be on purpose.

Wisdom that is shared is a valuable contribution to the evolution of consciousness within the collective mind, soul and spirit.