Why is My Manifestation Process Unsuccessful? Reason #2

The process is easier if you are emotionally, mentally and spiritually stable before you begin. You need to be conscious of:

  • your ego,
  • your sense of responsibility,
  • your personal boundaries,
  • your instincts,
  • your incongruities,
  • your self-sabotage,
  • your behaviour,
  • your body,
  • your energy,
  • your creativity,
  • your integrity,
  • your honour,
  • your hopes,
  • your wishes,
  • your trust,
  • your feelings,
  • your emotions,
  • your will power,
  • your faith,
  • your thoughts,
  • your beliefs,
  • your dreams,
  • your soul,
  • your intuition,
  • your wisdom,
  • your imagination,
  • your attention,
  • your intentions,
  • your expectations,
  • your at-one-ment with all creation,
  • and your spirit if you want a successful outcome.

This list is not exhaustive, but it includes the major aspects to be made conscious.

Manifestation works best when these personal aspects are not excessive or deficient. Your inner world needs to be balanced. If your inner world is out of balance, then your exterior world will reflect the imbalance. When your exterior world is out of balance, your inner world can be thrown into chaos. Your perceptions are the key to a better inner life balance.

It is wiser and easier to prepare yourself emotionally, mentally and spiritually before you attempt to participate in the manifestation process. You need to be able to say with complete self-honesty, that you use each one of your personal aspects in a conscious and balanced manner. They are not applied too much, or too little, but just right, so your personal aspects are balanced and your ability to manifest is enhanced.

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