Project Soul

If one of your soul aims is to improve your spiritual health and wellbeing, then you will need to approach your goal in a holistic manner. Chakra Theory proposes that:

  1. Physical health is the result of spiritual health.
  2. Spiritual health is the result of mental health.
  3. Mental health is the result of emotional health.
  4. Emotional health is the result of physical health.
  5. Physical health is the result of emotional health.
  6. Emotional health is the result of mental health.
  7. Mental health is the result of spiritual health.
  8. Spiritual health is the result of physical health.

The thoughts that come into your mind without thinking are your automatic thoughts. You might say they are unsupervised thoughts. Your automatic thoughts create automatic emotional responses, and if those emotions remain unsupervised, then they influence automatic, abnormal or nonconstructive types of behaviour, which in turn may impact your physical health.

Your automatic thoughts become your mental projections. Mental projections drastically reduce your mental power. When mental power is low, and in order for you to continue with your day to day living, your mental power has no choice but to top up by drawing on your emotional power. This places a strain, and eventually a drain, on your emotional power. A prolonged lack of emotional power causes emotional stress. Prolonged emotional stress is a major cause of physical responses such as anxiety and panic disorders. Prolonged anxiety creates depression and depression related physical illness.

Emotional stress is the result of mental projections. There are three things you can do to INCREASE emotional stress.

  1. Take things personally
  2. Polarise your thinking
  3. Behave in extremes of excess or deficiency

Some things in life can’t be solved, which gives rise to “why?” There is a difference between problems and mysteries. Every problem contains a solution, whereas mysteries do not. If a solution to a mystery is found, then it was never a mystery in the first place. It was actually a problem, because an answer was found. Emotional stress is a problem. It can be solved, so there are three things you can do to reduce emotional stress.

  1. The remedy for taking things personally is to allow yourself to feel your feelings about the situation first, so that secondly, you can be more objective. Objectivity is the prerequisite for detachment, but it is not possible until your feelings about your situation are fully spent. The purpose of feelings is to feel them, therefore, your feelings need to be felt. Then you can think and act more objectively.
  2. The remedy for polarised thinking is to identify your polar position and then identify its polar opposite, so that you understand and own what you are projecting and thus avoiding or denying.  A lack of responsibility on your part for the breakdown of a relationship is one extreme. Taking full responsibility for the break down is another extreme. Having few firm personal boundaries is one extreme.  Having too many firm personal boundaries is another. A superior attitude is one extreme. An inferior attitude is another.
  3. The remedy for behaving in extremes of excess or deficiency is to find your middle way. Overdoing or under doing anything in life will polarise your thinking even further and lock you into a prolonged and polarised frame of mind. If you want to reduce extreme behaviour, then learn to value the concept of enough, because enough is always enough. When you think in terms of enough, then it’s not too little and it’s not too much. It’s always just right for you and everyone around you when everyone strives to have enough.

Your automatic thoughts cause your unacceptable personal qualities to be rejected by you. Automatic thoughts not only become things. Thoughts become people, places and objects. Those automatic thoughts that you have rejected are forced to wander around, looking for somewhere to live. Your mental projections go begging on the doorsteps of other people, places or objects in your external world, but homeless thoughts won’t squat there for too long. Your mental projections are attracted to you, because they came from your ego, so they will come back to haunt you if you’ve forgotten to take ownership of them. Then your emotions are stressed because you refuse those vagrant mental projections any admission.

Your mental projections are not a part of your soul. They are a part of your ego. All you have to do to own your projections is to accept them as a part of your personality, because, according to the unifying principle of the chakra system, the concept of “All is One, without a second,” means that “what is in one, is in the whole, and what is in the whole, is in one.”

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