Why is it Hard to Trust Others?

A lack of consistency between thoughts, emotions and behaviour promotes dishonesty. If others acted with integrity and chose to behave honourably, instead of being incongruent and subsequently dishonest, then trusting others would be easy instead of difficult, disappointing or even harmful. When others don’t tell the whole truth with consistency, or they don’t behave in ways that are truthful, then you are wise not to trust them until they consistently prove they can be trusted. However, this is only a part of the problem.

Another reason why it is so hard to trust others is that you don’t trust yourself. When you trust yourself, and your strengths and your abilities, then you will be secure enough within yourself to give others a chance to demonstrate they can be trusted. You will have enough courage to risk being hurt or disappointed if your trust is betrayed.

Why is it so hard to trust yourself?  A lack of personal consistency between your thoughts, emotions and behaviour gives rise to a lack of self-honesty. The hard fact is that if you are having trouble trusting yourself, then you have not been reliable or honest enough with yourself. You need to be able to count on yourself if you want to trust yourself.  If you act with integrity and behave honourably all the time, then trusting yourself will be the natural consequence. If you don’t, then it won’t. When you omit, or avoid being honest with yourself, or you deny telling yourself the whole truth about you, and about others, and everything else in your life with consistency, then you will be unable to trust yourself.

When you finally admit that certain people in your life can’t be trusted or counted upon, or that some public figures are frauds, or that a number of corporations are tax cheats, or some media moguls are liars, and a number of politicians are too, then you will be on your way to trusting your instincts with greater ease.

The first step towards trusting yourself begins by learning how to question your motives, and by examining your intentions and exposing the hidden agendas that lie behind why you do what you do. It’s one way you can make a major contribution to the evolution of consciousness within the collective soul. Everyone wins when you become conscious of why you do what you do.

For more information about this, contact me for your copy of my complimentary e-book, “A Dialogue with the Soul – Using Personality Archetypes to Access Inner Wisdom.”

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