Love All, Serve All, Heal All

There are some who say that enlightenment is pure navel gazing self-absorption, and fulfilling your destiny is a selfish indulgence.

Your destiny is not something extraordinary that you are supposed to do in the external world. It is not something you have, take or access from the external world. Your destiny is not meant to be fulfilled. Your destiny is meant to be exposed. Your ultimate destiny is enlightenment. Nothing more and nothing less. It has nothing to do with obtaining material goods, or reaching goals, even if they are spiritual in nature.

This might be disappointing and even depressing for some, but anything else other than enlightenment is there to appease your ego. This is why everything is an illusion. The truth is in enlightenment. For many, it may not be obtained in this life time, but a process of individual involution towards enlightenment means you are in the process of exposing your destiny (which is enlightenment) to your ego. Your ego won’t like the idea that there is only one chance, that is, only one lifetime to expose your destiny and reveal enlightenment, so a collection of egos forms and the collective ego constructs philosophies and religions that promise to give you more than one go at it.

It is not physically, emotionally or mentally healthy to rely so heavily on a belief that you use it as an excuse to be spiritually apathetic. If you believe you have more than one lifetime to reach your destiny, then you might be inclined to take your time about it. Why should you make a wholehearted effort if you have more than one chance for enlightenment?

There is no time to waste. Time cannot be recycled. There is no time like the present to expose your destiny and reveal enlightenment.

You can do this when you love, serve and heal. If you are prepared to love all, serve all and heal all then you increase your chances of revealing your destiny.

To love all is to be compassionate to you, and others, and the whole of nature.

To serve all is to be useful to you, and others, and the whole of nature.

To heal all is the result of being compassionate to you and others and the whole of nature. To heal all is the result of being useful to you, and others, and the whole of nature.

In the process, it is necessary to observe your sense of:

  • Personal responsibility
  • Personal boundaries
  • Personal integrity
  • Personal motives

It is also wise to observe, encourage, allow and accept these qualities to exist in others. In this way, the challenge to honour one another and honour you at the same time is achieved and maintained. Any perception of selfishness is transformed by honouring the self and others.

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