Mirror, Mirror on My Wall

Personal consciousness is constantly evolving. Personal growth never stops if you are a healthy human being. Just when I think I have dug deep enough into my heart and mind, there is always more finding its way to the surface for attention. Sorting through emotional junk and mental dirt can be hard work.

Sometimes I wish I could change the past, rewrite it, or undo it. While I know this is not possible, I also know there is one way to make the past work for me. Dwelling on the past for too long is not the way to improve my mood, but on those occasions when I find that I can’t stop, then I decide to go with the flow. I decide not to stop myself.

I keep dwelling on the past, but while I’m there, I excavate it too.

I make a note of all the mistakes and the heartache I can think of that still cause me pain and anguish.

I make an effort to put things right by asking for forgiveness from those I have hurt.

I also concentrate on forgiving myself.

Then I write down what I’ve learned from each mistake or heartache. I make a note of all the benefits I have gained from the mistakes I have made.

Mirror Mirror by Gail Goodwin
Woman in Front of a Mirror by Christoffer Eckersberg (1841).


I look into this mental mirror and see all the different strengths I’ve gained from all the lessons I have mastered.

I know I can’t undo the past, but I can do the future so much better when I deal with the past at the right time. That time is now.

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