Move Over Misery and Make Room for Joy

There is a reason why human beings go through phases of misery and joy.

Misery, as opposed to depression,[1] may be a familiar position for some, but it is not healthy to remain there all the time. Grief is good because it is meant to serve your healing process after loss or significant change, but dwelling in misery for too long takes a massive toll on your time and your physical, emotional and mental energy.

Ongoing misery becomes terminal unhappiness. This state of emotional and mental decay puts a great deal of stress on your physical body. Stress reduces your immune system’s capacity to protect you from illness and other health related problems.  It’s a cycle that is hard to break if you are not aware of it.

There is a message trying to make itself heard during times when a lack of joy in life persists beyond loss, grief and adjustments to change. A chronic lack of joy can be used as a reminder to wake up the child inside you, because this spontaneous, fun-loving, wonder filled part of your character has been forgotten and neglected.

Take yourself out and treat yourself to some fun.

Let the child in you come out to play.

child archetype by gail goodwin
Move over Misery!!! Make room for joy.

You need to spend quality time with this part of yourself. Imagine that you have had a child living in your house for all these years. Are you still ignoring this child as he or she wanders about your house alone, vulnerable and without direction? This part of your character requires nurturing and attention given in the form of high quality pleasures. This is the part of your personality that enjoys learning and loves to be creative. This is your child archetype. Everyone has one.

  • Make time for some high quality pleasures in your life by taking up a craft, hobby or course of study for fun and enjoyment.
  • Watch a comedy, walk in a field of flowers, lose yourself in a maze, or visit a theme park with friends.
  • When you play sport or games, do it for fun, rather than purely for competition.
  • Pamper yourself. Indulge in bubble baths, go for a swim and let yourself go for a while.

Let misery be the trigger that reminds you to make room for more joy in your life.

The purpose of misery is to wake up the joy that has been asleep for too long in your life.

[1] Depression can’t be solved on your own. Depression should be treated by qualified professionals.

This is a modified extract from my first book “A Dialogue with the Soul – Using Personality Archetypes to Access Inner Wisdom” published in 2010. 

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