A Question of Balance

There is a reason why the grass is greener over there. There is a reason why other people do better than you do.

The chakras of the human energy system are popular models that can be used as your personal oracle. Your destiny is predetermined, so your chakras have the ability to indicate the path of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual destiny.  These tools are powerful signposts that can tell you if you are on the right track or not.

Your chakras have the capacity to tell you if your hopes, wishes, goals and desires are in line with your destiny. Being out of line with your destiny equates to failure. To put it bluntly, you won’t be successful if you are out of line with your destiny.

It is wiser and easier to observe the influence and impact of your chakras before, during and after your attempts to be successful in whatever you do.

Ignoring the influence of chakras, and their impact on your life is a major reason why you wrestle with success, fear failure, suffer self-doubt and sabotage, and get stuck in the mud.

Out of the mud the lotus blooms, when you feed it and nurture it with the correct food. A Question of Balance – Colour, Energy and Healing with Chakras will show you how.

Forget the green grass over there. It’s meant to be happening here. You are standing in it.

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