The Number #1 Manifestation Process (for Atheists)

There are 2 ways you can get what you want in life. You can use the Manifestation Process or you can use the SMART Process. There is very little difference between them. Both need to be applied to your life in a conscious manner. It is not possible to achieve a goal without being conscious of the following:

  • what you are doing,
  • who is involved,
  • what is involved,
  • how you will do it,
  • where you will do it,
  • how long it will take,
  • why you will do it,
  • how much it will cost,
  • how much effort it will need,
  • the quality of the goal
  • uncontrollable external forces, such as change, loss, grief, death, taxes, civil unrest, economic collapse, war and natural disasters.

The only difference between the Manifestation Process and the SMART Process, is who is involved. The Manifestation Processes point of difference is that your God (or the Universe) is involved in your methods, along with you and anyone you chose. The SMART Process involves you, and anyone you chose, in your methods.

Apparently, according to those who promote and sell the Manifestation Process, God is not interested in any other methods you might employ to achieve your goals. The implication is that you can’t do it without God, or you can do it better with God. The Manifestation Process is touted as the only conscious way to get what you want. This is one reason why I believe the Manifestation Process is preposterous.

With or without God, the quality of the goal is important. You can be sure that if the goal is negative or harmful in any way towards others or nature, then it is a low quality goal, so whether you believe in God or not, God will not vouch for your goal, and neither will any person of high integrity want to be involved in it either, so it will be harder to achieve a low quality goal. You will have to use devious methods of manipulation and control to achieve a negative goal or a low quality one.  On the other hand, if the goal benefits everyone involved, then it is a high quality goal, and so God will gladly go out his/her way to help you achieve it and so will those of high integrity.

This situation brings up a deeply important issue. What happens to those who don’t believe in God? How do non-believers achieve their goals without God? Especially if the Manifestation Process suggests that you can only get what you want when it is done in the presence of God?

There are many, many atheists who have done good things in the world and achieved many goals, without needing to have faith or belief or trust in God. (Meanwhile, the believers will insist that God is watching over the humanitarian atheists too, but the non-believers believe that is simply not true. There is no point arguing about it. Everyone believes they are correct.) High integrity appears to be a common factor between believers and non-believers who get things done in the name of the evolution of consciousness of humanity. Nevertheless, here are three examples of humanitarian, atheist organisations and their goals:

  1. The Atheist Centre of India supports intercaste marriages and actively works to end child marriages and caste separation. They also provide aid to women in distress such as single mothers and prostitutes and promote equality of the sexes. Their education campaigns are designed to fight dangerous superstitions and practices such as witch hunts which can result in harm to innocent people.
  2. Foundation Beyond Belief is non-theistic charity. Each quarter Foundation Beyond Belief features five charitable organizations. Members can choose which cause or causes to support.
  3. EARTHWARD provides aid suited to the victims usually in the form of food, clean drinking water, temporary shelters and medical aid. Their mission is to help victims of religiously motivated crimes and violence.

There is nothing spiritually special about the Manifestation Process. The Manifestation Process is simply the spiritually romantic New Age version of goal setting, planning and achievement, with a stamp of approval from the New Age God. Aside from the spiritually exclusive techniques you must purchase and employ to achieve what you want, the New Age way is not straight forward.  Whereas, the SMART Process is easier, more reliable, efficient, realistic and effective, and best of all it will not scare off the unconverted or non-converted, because it is not another spooky New Age trick. Preaching to the New Age converts is the same as reinventing the wheel. You may as well, as Lewis Carroll once said, “earn a precarious living taking in each other’s washing” in terms of teaching and learning something new.

Unlike most reputable services or products on the market today, the purveyors of these Manifestation Process techniques will not financially guarantee their work. They won’t offer you a money back guarantee to cover the valuable time, precious energy and hard earned money you spend trying to apply their spiritually special techniques. They won’t give your money back to you when their techniques prove faulty, especially when you find yourself homeless as a result of paying for and implementing these bizarre Manifestation Process practices. Too many manifestors have been lead astray, and as a consequence they do not recover from the fallout. I am saddened and frustrated after constantly picking up the pieces of these poor bereft manifestors and their broken lives. Many I have witnessed or worked with, in an effort to help them put their lives back together again, have lost the roof over their heads, their relationships, their children, their families, and the support of their communities. The worst crime of all is they have lost their health!!! This is the other reason why I believe the Manifestation Process is preposterous.

The Manifestation Process is a hybrid version of the original SMART Process, which developed out of the business planning model.  The SMART Process then moved into business coaching, across to life coaching and into personal development. From there the New Age infused their New Age God into the Manifestation Process, with the help the New Age Bible, the Course in Miracles. The New Age way to achieve your goals is far more complicated and convoluted, compared to the standard SMART approach to setting a goal, making a plan, and doing what you need to do with high integrity to get the desired results. The Manifestation Process is more costly. It puts your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual survival at risk, whereas the SMART Process does not.

The purveyors of the Manifestation Process need a serious wake up call. The SMART Process is designed to minimise the risk and optimise the care of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. You are not going to lose any money purchasing the process, because it is outlined with compliments below. Therefore, you won’t have to lose your job, or your children, or your house, or your car, or your family, or community, or your health as a result.

I have included a modified extract from my book “A Question of Balance” which introduces the SMART Process as a whole health approach to goal achievement. You are welcome to test it. Here it is:

It’s very easy to lose yourself in your personal inner work, or your spiritual pursuits. It can be so consuming that you forget to be practical, organised and of real use to yourself and others. With your head in the clouds so much of the time, you forget to keep your feet on the ground. This means there is not enough personal energy, power or life force (I use these elements to describe your spirit) to fuel your day to day life, so your family, work, relationships, finances and obligations are susceptible to neglect or have been abandoned already.

If this is the case, then you need some practical ways to ground the power of your (spiritual) life force. Many successful people produce genuine outcomes and achieve their goals because their heads are filled with dreams but their feet are planted firmly on the earth. They are spiritually grounded. They know how to think, feel and behave with high integrity because they are driven by the strength of their spirit instead of their fears.  They are guided by a personal vision. That vision motivates them. It gives them a reason to persevere even when things get tough. They make goals that are holistically intelligent. They are physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually intelligent. They make S.M.A.R.T. goals that support their body, soul and spirit.

S.M.A.R.T. is an acronym that means specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-sensitive. Life coaches, businesses and sports people are just some of those who use it to achieve their goals because it works, so if you need:

  • To bring yourself back down to earth and to ground yourself because you have tasks and projects that must be done;
  • You have a goal in mind but you just can’t get moving on it,
  • You are half way to your goal, but the novelty has worn off and your enthusiasm is wearing thin.

Then here’s what to do next:

1.            Be specific

Don’t be vague. What exactly do you want? Begin by giving your inspirations and ideas some form. Write them down. When your head says, ‘I think this is a good idea’ and your heart says ‘It feels like a good idea too’ then you’ve activated your will power. Your head and heart need to be in agreement. Your thoughts and your feelings need to be at one with each other.  If not, then you need to re-examine your priorities and what’s really important. To rediscover meaning and find motivation for what you are doing in your work, in a relationship or a lapsed project, for instance, ask yourself why you are setting the goal you have in mind, or why you set it in the first place. What is it that really drives you? Is it the urge to help or serve others? Is it to generate wealth for philanthropic purposes, or to improve your health or to share a skill for example? Use your answers as motivators when you face the challenges that may come. Being specific helps you chart your progress and it makes your goals more tangible. Keep the following in mind:

  • what you are doing,
  • who is involved,
  • what is involved,
  • how you will do it,
  • where you will do it,
  • how long it will take,
  • why you will do it,
  • how much it will cost,
  • how much effort it will need,
  • the quality of the goal
  • uncontrollable external forces, such as change, loss, grief, death, taxes, civil unrest, economic collapse, war and natural disasters.

2.            Make it Measurable

Quantify your goal. How will you know if you’ve achieved it or not? When you write down your goals you are planting a seed. You are telling your body, soul and spirit that you’re preparing the soil for new growth. It programs your goals into your mind and opens you up to infinite and unlimited possibilities. It helps you recognise further opportunities for attaining them. Express success and the achievement of your goal and what it means to you in ways you can measure, touch or count. For example, if you wanted to help others, then how would you do this? What type of help can you give? How many people do you want to help? What type of people are they? Where can they be found?  How will you tell them or ask them? When or how often do you want to do this? Are you appropriately qualified to help? Will you volunteer in your community or do you want to be paid by an employer and if so how much?  Do you want to be self -employed?

3.            Make it Attainable

Be honest with yourself about what you can reasonably accomplish at this point in your life. Remember to take into account your current responsibilities. Avoid self-sabotage by breaking your goals into bite sized chunks. Outline individual steps which can be tackled one at a time. Starting small makes your goals believable and achievable, and instead of overwhelming or confusing you get the practice you need for achieving the larger goals later on. Too often, it is easy to become paralysed or stuck because you expect too much from yourself and others.

4.            Be Realistic

Your goal has to be do-able, real and practical. To stay on track, develop a strategy. What do you need to learn in order to accomplish your goal? Do your research. Collect relevant information and use it. Do you need extra qualifications? Identify the people who can assist you. Are there individuals, specialist mentors, coaches, groups, communities or organisations with similar visions and goals who can help you?

5.            Work with Time

Create a timeline for projects and a timeframe for each goal you make. When should you complete the goal? Set a date and do what you need to do to work towards it. Make yourself accountable.

The best way to check if your goal is SMART is to write it down and check that it covers each SMART aspect. For example, a theoretical target may be to:

‘Lose weight and drop a dress size.’

How, what, why, when, where are the type of questions you can ask to help you make your goals SMART. Does this goal meet the criteria for being SMART?


This goal is not specific enough. How will you lose weight? Will you modify your diet? If so, what type of diet will it be? Will it focus on simple calorie counting, high protein, low carbohydrates and sugars or low fat? How much will you eat?  Will you use exercise only to reduce your weight? How often will you exercise? What type of exercise?


Is it measurable? Well almost, because you can measure the dress size, but how much weight do you actually want to lose?


Is it achievable? Are you asking too much of yourself? This aspect will be met once you decide how much actual weight you want to lose.


Is it realistic? Once again, when you decide how you are going to do this you will know if it is realistic or not.


Is it time based? No, not at all because you have not set a start or end date. You will need to change your goal to something like this:

‘Lose 6 kilograms of weight using a calorie controlled diet of 1200 per day, plus 30 minutes of exercise (walking and on alternate days, yoga) over 6 days per week in order to drop a dress size within three months, that’s 90 days, starting today. This means I can realistically aim to lose 2 kilograms per month, and that’s only 500 grams per week. That’s very achievable. I can do it.’

Now you’re being SMART.  Once your strategy is complete, you’re ready to move forward again. You’ve rediscovered your passion and motivation. You’re ready for action. You want to be able to feel it, sense it, taste it and touch it. You want your goal to become a reality. Visualising your goal targets your focus, and that means you are directing your spirit like a laser into the desired outcome. It gives you the energetic support you need to reach your goals.

Be clear and definite about what you want. Do what you have to do now and every day to get there. Ideas don’t work unless you do, regardless of whether you invite God to participate in your process or not.

3 thoughts on “The Number #1 Manifestation Process (for Atheists)

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you like the post. Since the law of attraction and the Secret came into spiritual vogue, I think the whole manifestation process has been trumped up to be a far more complicated and mysterious than it was meant to be. It has become inaccessible to far too many who really need it.


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