Why is My Manifestation Process Unsuccessful? Reason #94

If you are a humanitarian atheist, don’t blame yourself if the Manifestation Process is not working for you.

It’s not you.

It’s the process.

The creators of the Manifestation Process have produced a process that comes with tight conditions and stringent limitations. They have managed to sideline and marginalise those who cannot conform to a system that goes against their values and beliefs. They have excluded those who refuse to sell out their personal values and beliefs for the sake of realising a goal. The creators of the Manifestation Process have created a process that is not designed for anyone who does not believe in a benevolent higher power.

Some atheists suggest that the higher, external powers on this planet and in this universe, along with our internal higher powers are not benevolent. They are neutral. Until we perceive them as positive or negative powers and then we give them a positive or negative charge. However, the moment we do that, we automatically project the polar opposite onto other people, places and things. This is the consequence of retaining a belief in a benevolent higher power. The negative is always out there. It’s a lot of work for an atheist to clean up, but someone has to do it.

You have to ask yourself if the process you are using matches your values and beliefs. Are you trying to squeeze your values and beliefs into a process that does not align with your values and your beliefs?

Don’t change your values and beliefs for the sake of trying to fit into something that is not for you.

Therefore, reason #94 why the Manifestation Process may not be working for you is this:

It is not designed for atheists. The good news is that there is another option.

Humanitarian atheists need a process that matches their values and beliefs. They don’t need a Manifestation Process based on the condition they must compromise their values and beliefs by trying to believe in a God or some other form of benevolent higher power. It will never work for them. They need a dogma free process. They need a SMART Process. Here it is.

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