A One Way Ticket to Soul Success

There are two types of success. There’s external success and internal success. External success is overt and often extrovert. This type of success is high. “To reach the heights of success” is an accurate description of extroverted success.  But very little is said about internal success. This is because it is invisible. Internal success is introverted. Introverted success runs deep.  Introverted success is meant to remain underground. If it goes above ground, immediately it becomes extroverted. Then you would have to say it’s an open secret.

Extrovert success is the type of the success you experience in the world of business, money, fame and fortune, and lifestyle. It is bright, loud, flamboyant and obvious. This type of success is visible to your five senses.  Your sixth sense may be aware of it when your five senses miss it. Your intuition and your gut instincts can detect extrovert success in others, even if they try to keep their worldly success hidden for good reasons or not. This is one way extroverts try to obtain introverted success, but everyone finds out about it in the end, so it is no longer invisible success. You may be born into this type of success or you decide to create this type of success for yourself, if that is your goal in life.

Not everyone wants extrovert success, especially many introverts. Some introverts and extroverts have experienced external success. Some continue to pursue external success, while others decide that it doesn’t suit the health of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. It doesn’t suit their relationships and their family. They realise their values are changing, or have changed. Their health and relationships and spiritual life are more important to them than extroverted success.

This change in personal values tends to occur around mid-life, if not before, as a result of a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual crises. There is nothing wrong with rejecting or accepting extrovert success. You can have extroverted and introverted success at the same time if you know how to handle this highly charged combination of power like an expert.  After all, money buys many things that can help others to help themselves.  It’s just that extrovert success tends to suit extroverts better than it suits introverts. Unless they want to learn how to master both types of success.

The road to Soul Success is inside out and upside down...
The road to Soul Success is inside out and upside down…

Introvert success is not visible. Introverted success is internal. It’s inside out success. It’s success upside down. It is soft, quiet, subtle and unseen. You can’t see it because it is emotional, mental and spiritual success. It’s the type of success that you feel deep down in your soul.

Nothing can break it.

No-one can take it.

No-one can fake it.

No-one can corrupt it.

No-one can bankrupt it.

Once you realise internal success, it’s yours forever.

Introverts are responsible for much of the world’s invisible acts of compassion and other unseen, high quality acts of empowerment. Introverted success is kept between the introvert and their soul, or their god. No-one else knows who is responsible for their invisible acts of power and grace. I call this type of introverted, invisible power Soul Success. It happens in the spiritual underground of life, while the battle for extrovert success rages on the surface. The purpose of soul success is to generate and distribute invisible acts of grace and power. The introvert or extrovert knows, after signing up for Soul Success, they are under orders from their soul to fulfill this invisible purpose by undertaking this equally invisible mission.

Soul success is not seen. Introverted success is a closed secret. If it is truly successful, you can’t smell it, or taste it, or touch it, or hear it. The deepest soul success cannot be intuited either. No-one else can detect your soul success. No-one else can detect, with any of their six senses, that you commit invisible acts of power every day. That is the secret to soul success. No-one is meant to know the power came through you.

Learning the secret of Soul Success is the final frontier for those whose purpose is to be of heartfelt service to the world...
Learning the secret of Soul Success is the final frontier for those whose purpose is to be of service to the world…

Introvert success and extrovert success have their place in the world, but they bring different things to the table. The world is desperate for wealthy, extroverted philanthropists to give their time and energy and money to good causes.  These extroverts are externally successful, and at the same time, their silent mission is a noble one. They bring a healthy dose of internal success to the world by helping to educate, feed and bring health care to those in need.  Some accept being recognised for their efforts. Others prefer to remain silent until the end. But not even under the most severe emotional, mental and spiritual torture, will an introvert reveal their unseen soul successes, or ever confess, or own up to committing any invisible act of grace and power.

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images by Benno Poeder © 2013

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