3 Massive Mistakes Mid-Life Crisis Suffers Make in the Pursuit of Their Life Purpose

Finding your purpose in your career does not always mean the money will follow. Doing what you love does not mean the money will come. There are some former mid-life crisis suffers who get paid to do what they love, but this is because it is a part of their destiny. If it is not in your destiny to do what you love and get paid for it, then it is simply not going to happen. You can’t teach a fish to climb a ladder.

There are upsides and downsides to everything. The down side to destiny is that you can’t do everything or anything you want, because some people, places, objects, situations and events will never, ever be a part of your destiny. If you don’t know your destiny, then you will keep chasing your tail for the rest of your life.

The time for mid-life crisis suffers to stop going nowhere is now.

You have to break free of this vicious cycle. Unless you learn a few simple techniques first, you are in danger of wasting more time, energy and money, no matter how hard you try to avoid it.

The three biggest mistakes that all mid-life crisis suffers make are:

1.            You waste money. Going around in circles creates a downward financial spiral. Chasing your tail costs more money than you can afford. You set up businesses and go broke. You invest money in shonky deals. You pay vast amounts of money to be hoodwinked by spiritual charlatans and their false promises. Meanwhile, your family is furious. They are preparing to change the locks on the doors and throw you out on the street.

2.            You waste time and energy. Time is money. Effort is money. It costs you time and it costs your family their time too. It costs you a great deal of energy and it also costs your family a lot of effort. This is frustrating and exhausting. It is physically, emotionally, and mentally debilitating. You spend a lot of time and energy planning and working on reaching goals that lead you down the wrong track. You spend time and energy clawing your way back to the drawing board over and over again. You spend a lot of time only to find out that you have been going nowhere fast. This is one way to guarantee stress levels skyrocket. It’s the perfect precursor for major illness.

3.            You are lost. You won’t know where you are going or what you are meant to be doing. You don’t have a map. Welcome to spiritual beggarhood.

You can try to find your way out of this disaster on your own, but unless you know how to solve the problems that arise in your mid-life crisis, then you are going to remain a victim of not just one, but many physical, emotional, mental and spiritual crises.

Problems 1: Losing Money

Problem  2: Losing Time and Energy

Problem  3: Losing Yourself

The good news is that problems 1, 2 and 3 can be solved with one solution.

Finding a life purpose that is in line with your destiny happens when you are true to yourself. This is not always easy.  One of the barriers to finding a life purpose that is on track with your destiny is a lack of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual values. Another barrier is a lack of cohesion between them all. Yet another barrier to finding a life purpose that is aligned with your destiny is your self-opinion. A low self-opinion aligns itself with victim mentality. It’s a difficult cycle to break on your own.

The solution is to Create Your Destiny Plan. Based on your personality archetypes, the upside to defining your destiny is that you will clarify your life purpose. You will find your truth and welcome the opportunity to live it. By the end of 10 one hour sessions, you will be clear about the right track for you. And this track will also be the right track for everyone important to you. You will have a unique map you can rely on and refer to for the rest of your life. Best of all, you will save time, maximise your efforts and save money. We can do it together. You will save face too.

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