One of the Biggest Mistakes All Perfectionists Make

Perfectionists all over the world suffer whenever a mess lurks on the horizon. They writhe in agony just thinking about it. Perfectionists become frustrated, frantic and even furious when things get out of order. I know this from personal experience. I confess. I’m a reformed perfectionist.

If their hair and make-up are not perfect, perfectionists will hold up traffic while they adjust their appearance in the car mirror.  If their apartment looks like a bomb has gone off there, no-one will be allowed to witness it.  If their partners are not dressed appropriately, perfectionists refuse to leave the house until they change the outfit to suit them. There is no rest for a perfectionist when chaos beats down the door and forces its way into the room to make itself comfortable. There is no rest for anyone else either.

Perfectionists spend most of their time, effort and money on fighting a mess in their work place, or repairing the shambles in their relationships, or picking up after everyone at home. They do whatever it takes to ward off a potential mess, or to keep it at bay. To a perfectionist, a mess equals torture until it is made clean and tidy. Mess equals failure.

Perfection is the perfect way to sabotage you. It is the perfect way to sabotage others, and worse, it is the perfect way others will sabotage you. Perfectionism tips your life out of balance and keeps it there.

It’s time perfectionists stopped this self-torture. The time to overcome your fear of failure is now.

Perfectionism crushes your spirit. Perfectionists use it to beat up themselves again and again. Perfectionism crushes the spirit of those important to them. Perfectionism is the perfect tool to bully others or humiliate them.  Perfectionism allows others to crush your spirit with their harsh judgments, irrational criticisms and outlandish demands.

Perfectionism sets up those involved for many disappointments in life. The expectations of a perfectionist can be enormous, so perfectionists are always the first to be disillusioned and disheartened. Perfectionists know how it feels to be let down. Perfectionism has the power to create an atmosphere conducive to betrayal. The extraordinary standards of a perfectionist set up everyone for failure, including the perfectionist. The debilitating irony of perfectionism is that it messes with your head.  The harder you try to maintain it, the worse your situation gets.  I discovered the hard way, that in the end, perfection makes more mess than it was meant to clean up. If perfection is allowed to get out of control, it can drain my physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial health.

If you are a true perfectionist, then you want to be the best that you can be. This means that you have a responsibility to yourself to be your ideal self. From my personal experience, and according to my clients and students experiences, perfectionism is not the perfect way to do this.

Perfection increases my physical, emotional, mental spiritual and financial load. It zaps my energy. Fatigue becomes a normal way of life, but it is not natural. It was not possible to be the natural version of me when I was addicted to perfection. I had to pretend. I had to fake that everything was okay, even when my life was in a mess. On the occasions that I did this, I felt like an impostor.  The pressure to be perfect was mind numbing. You must overcome this vicious cycle. It will throw your entire life out of balance.  It is the perfect way to drain your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Perfectionism will drain your bank account too, if you don’t have your health to support your lifestyle. You can’t let your health get out of your control! You will be no use to anyone if you do. If you are a perfectionist, then you have a responsibility to you and everyone who is important to you.

With certainty, unless you learn a few simple techniques first, you are in danger of ending up where most perfectionists end up, no matter how hard they try to avoid it. One of the biggest mistakes all perfectionists make is that they are addicted to perfection. They try to perfect perfection. If you think about, perfecting perfection is impossible. Body image problems, weight loss and gain, financial difficulties, relationship breakdowns, stress, anxiety and even depression are just some of the problems that manifest as a result of an addiction to perfection and its subsequent fear of failure.

You can try to be perfect, but unless you know how to solve the problems that arise as a consequence of perfectionism, then you are going to remain a victim of perfectionism. It will continue to feed your fear of failure.

Problem: Addiction to Perfection

Solution: Archetype Profile Process – Archetypes are patterns of behaviour that provide solutions. Your Archetype Profile is unique so it is packed with solutions that are perfect for you. It’s also a tool you can use for the rest of your life. By the end of your 10 session program you will manage perfectionism as you learn to make it work for you.  We will restore your natural order by bringing the energy of perfection back into balance. We will pinpoint the most important physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements that are crucial to achieving perfect success. Find out more here.

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