The Benefits of Counselling

Counselling can be used to tackle a wide variety of issues and problems. It is also an incredibly useful way to engage in personal or self-development. Not everyone comes to counselling with a specific problem or issue they want to work on. Some may come because they were guided by their instincts or intuition, or they feel an intangible sense of dissatisfaction, or they may be wondering if there is more to life than they are currently experiencing.

Embarking on a path of self-exploration brings clarity to how a person creates and participates in experiences they find fulfilling and those that are not. Greater self awareness allows people to become more conscious of their choices and the options available to them. They discover fresh possibilities and learn to make decisions that lead them toward more fulfilling experiences.

Not only does counselling develop self-understanding, personal passion and purpose. When these things are ignited, it also helps people develop a much deeper understanding of their relationships. The quality of their relationships improves, and the benefits overflow into their work and personal lives. Counselling can help people who are finding it difficult to meet a partner, to make or sustain relationships and friendships, or experiencing difficult relationships with family members, colleagues or co-workers. Those who engage in long term counselling tend to experience an increase in confidence and self-worth. Working through past experiences can help people move beyond feelings of shame, guilt, powerlessness or worthlessness. As a result, living and enjoying more of the present moment becomes a reality. The actual process of counselling and the increased insight people experience also enhances their ability to understand and manage difficult emotions, moods and unhelpful thoughts. The future contains some genuine possibilities.

Counselling and the results of your efforts take time, according to the nature and number of problems you want to tackle. Sometimes, one or two sessions are all that you need. Other clients may need more time, which may extend into months or years, but your counsellor is there with you all the way. If a person is facing a personal or spiritual crisis or a period of change, grieving or healing, then counselling can help. If things are going wrong and you want to know why, or you even if you don’t want to know why, but you want to do something about it, then maybe counselling may be right for you. Counselling can also support people if they are depressed, or dealing with stressful situations such as illness, challenging work situations and life transitions. Many artistic people use counselling to help enrich and unlock their creativity. Counselling is an emotionally, mentally and spiritually rewarding, fulfilling and life affirming process. It soothes the soul, and when you feel better, you look better.

When you engage in counselling, it comes as a huge relief to know that you are no longer alone with your problems.

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