A Return to Balance

Life is not ordered. It is so out of order, it’s chaotic. Until you bring a balanced attitude to it. When your life is always in order, there is not much that changes. When nothing changes in life, there are fewer challenges that push you to grow. As a result, your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual evolution is slowed down or brought to a halt. When life is out of order, it is an opportunity to grow. When life is too chaotic, you are being called to return to it to balance. It’s a never ending process.

A balanced life is not harmonious to look at.  Creating a balanced life is not about bringing harmony in the external world around you because you can’t control other people. You can’t control the forces of nature. You can’t control everything, but you can control your response to people, places, events and objects. You can also control the way you work with or interact with these elements. Your perceptions of life influence your attitude to it. A balanced life refers to internal harmony, which is obtained through the power of perception, the art of spiritual alchemy, and the spiritually unifying concept of “All is One, without a second.”

Separation is an illusion. Your perception of a person, place or thing is the ultimate key to realising inner balance, and this will bring you into spiritual unity.  It will ease your ability to embrace the concept of “All is One, without a second.” There is no duality in life until you perceive it as such. A positive perception of an event creates a positive event. A negative perception of an event creates a negative event. Humans tend to find this out in hindsight.

Spiritual alchemy is a solution focused process of changing your negative perception of person, place, object or event into a positive one.  If you want to change your perception of a negative person, place, object into a positive one, you have to look for the benefits that are hidden in the person, place, object or event. You have to find the benefits that have come to you, or what’s important to you, (such as a loved one, or the environment, or your community,) because of it.

  • What did you learn from the person, place, object or event?
  • What did you get out of it?
  • What did you gain from it?
  • What characteristics did you develop as a result of your experience with the person, the place, object or event?
  • Did you gain a personal strength, an emotional or mental quality, or develop a creative ability?

Don’t stop looking until you find enough benefits to balance or even outweigh the pitfalls. You have to keep searching for your upsides to the downsides in order to even up your view of life. Once you realise the benefits, take more than a few moments to appreciate them. Put them into your heart like long lost friends. This is how you create balanced perceptions. Your perceptions lead you into a positive or negative experience of life. A balanced view of life helps to overcome the illusion of separation. When your perception of a person, place, object or event is not based on illusions, your attitude to life is returned to balance, and so spiritual unity is possible.

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