What happens to me and my life when I find my life purpose?

There is an old Zen saying, “Before enlightenment, chopping wood, carrying water. After enlightenment, chopping wood, carrying water.” Realising your life purpose creates a personal paradox. Nothing changes and everything changes when you find your centre of balance and you live your truth.

Contrary to many current popular psycho-spiritual belief systems on the market today, nothing much will change in your outside world, but everything will change in your internal world. Nothing much will change outside you because, according to many ancient and modern mystics – notably the teachings of a Course in Miracles – the outside world is an illusion. No person, place or thing is supposed to be real. If this is true, then there is no power in an illusion unless you inject your power into it. When you do that, there will be more power outside your body than inside you. This means you are at risk of running your life on empty, instead of full.

A full life means a fulfilling one that does not require an abundance of material possessions to make it that way. Running on empty – because you are putting all of your power into everything outside of your body and soul – is not the purpose of finding your life purpose. Of course, you need to attend to surviving and thriving in the world, but when too much of your power for too long is focused away from your inner life and on amassing material possessions, seeking approval or yearning for recognition, or other external forms of personal validation, then it may cost you much more than your health.

When you find your life purpose, everything will change inside you. Your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, beliefs, perspective on life will be different, elevated, lighter, peaceful and happier. You will be stronger and wiser because you have gained great knowledge and experience, which over time evolves into wisdom. You will be more balanced and when you are thrown off balance – as life tends to do sometimes – you will find your centre of peace and presence much faster. You will become a master but at the same time, you will always be a student.

Everything  and nothing happens when you find your life purpose. That is your paradox.

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