What is Spiritual Consciousness?

Spiritual consciousness refers to an awareness of your spirit and how well you manage your spirit. Where, why, when and how you direct your spirit is determined by your conscience. You could say that your conscience manages your spirit. Your spirit is your life force. This life force is the fuel that drives your bodily functions, your emotions and your mind. It makes the sun rise and set. It provides life to plants, animals, and everything on earth and beyond. A lack of life force – or to use spiritual terminology, an absence of ‘spirit’ – is the cause of death.

The presence and absence of spirit is at the heart of the rhythmic life-death-life cycle of nature. The degree of your awareness of your own conscience will enhance or reduce your spiritual consciousness. No-one else can regulate your conscience but you and your awareness of it, and ultimately, it’s your conscience that guides you in all that you do.

In normal healthy human beings, your conscience knows right from wrong. It recognises the difference between the truth and a lie or an illusion. You develop a guilty conscience because you’ve ignored your conscience when you were meant to honour it or uphold it. You feel guilty because not only have you upset others by not following your conscience, but you’ve also betrayed yourself. The remedy is to develop a higher quality conscience. A high quality conscience is the hallmark of spiritual consciousness.

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