Your Soul’s Purpose

When it comes to doing what you are meant to do, or being who you are meant to be, or finding and living your soul purpose, your soul does not need your ego to cooperate. Your soul is not attached to your ego’s opinion of you. Whether your self-opinion is high or low, if you are meant to find your soul purpose, your soul will make sure that you do. Naturally, if your ego is not willing to cooperate, you will still do what you are meant to do, or be who you are meant to be, but you will be doing it the long and hard way. Your ego will kick and scream and pout and sulk about it. The hard way is the unconscious way to your soul purpose.

On the other hand, if your ego is fairly reasonable and flexible enough to cooperate, and you are aware of at least some of its tricks, then the path you are meant to follow will be much easier for everyone. This is a more conscious approach to realising your soul purpose. If the soul’s urge is great enough, it will push through all barriers to ensure that you are right where you are meant to be.

If you suffer from a low opinion of yourself, or you have a very high opinion of yourself, (as though your ego thinks it is much bigger than your soul) and you don’t know how to find the right balance, but your aim is to realise your soul’s purpose, then personal development programs that encompass mentoring or counselling will help you to increase your self-regard, or reduce egotism. Personal development helps you to develop an awareness of your personality. Your ego plays a major role in the formation of your personality.

Spiritual development helps you to access your inner wisdom. Your inner wisdom is the voice of your soul.  If you have access to your inner wisdom whenever necessary, and you continue to develop an awareness of your ego, then you will be better prepared to realise your soul’s purpose. The path will be clearer and easier because you are so much more conscious.

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