A Soul Truth

Mark Twain said, “Faith is believing something you know ‘ain’t so.” This brings up the difference between “what is true” and the Truth. If something is the Truth, it’s true, regardless of anyone’s faith or belief in it. If something is the Truth, and it works or it doesn’t work, that will have little to do with anyone’s faith or belief in it. What then is the purpose of faith or belief when something is the Truth?

What’s true for you may not be true for me. “What is true” may be subjective and based on personal perceptions, experiences or opinions, whereas, the Truth seems to be impartial. Why should the Truth care whether you believe in it or not? The Truth does not have an ego that will be offended or hurt or disappointed if you don’t like it. The Truth is not going to feel upset if you don’t believe it exists. When you know deep down in your soul – without question, reservation or doubt that you are right about something – you don’t get upset about it when someone challenges you or tells you that you’re wrong or off track. You don’t feel the need to prove you are right. You don’t need to recruit support and agreement from others. Why? Because it’s not about you, it’s about the Truth. You could say that “what’s true” is a matter of ego, whereas, the Truth is a matter of soul.

The Truth hurts. It cuts like a knife when surgery is required to gouge out “what’s true” from your life. That’s one of its hallmarks. When necessary, the Truth will administer itself in the form of shock treatment, in order to wake you up from your stupor. An inconvenient Truth is supposed to bowl you over. If the Truth finds you are giving life to a watered down version of it, as in a “what’s true” version, then the energy and power of the Truth will push you up against the wall until you come out fighting and standing up for the full strength version of the Truth.  The force of the Truth won’t tolerate half-arsed versions of itself. The Truth rarely flies in on fairy wings to land gently on your nose and flutter in front of your eyes. The other hallmark of Truth is its ability to incite wonder and awe in the mind, body, heart or soul of the recipient. It’s the classic ah-ha moment. It makes your spirit soar. Therefore, the Truth is simultaneously positive and negative. The Truth is a paradox. The most palatable versions of the Truth are bittersweet, whereas, “what is true” requires one’s faith or belief in it to sustain it. The Truth does not need anyone’s faith or belief or even love to support it, but if it catches you lingering in the illusion of “what’s true” when it’s high time you stepped up to the full version, then it will begin to move the furniture around your interior life as it prepares to renovate your inner world.

The Truth is not concerned about your preferred method of delivery of it.  The Truth will arrive in your life when the time, energy and space are ripe for it. Convenient or not, you will get the positive or negative version of the Truth, depending on your inner life balance or imbalance. If you are excessively positive, then the Truth will arrive in a negative message to bring you back into balance. Yes, it is possible to be too positive. When you are excessively positive for an excessive amount of time, you are guilty of projecting your negative unconscious aspects onto others. Their only choice is to return to sender. Conversely, if your inner life is excessively negative for too long, then your message of Truth will be a positive one. This is so that your energy is lifted back up into balance because the Truth is balanced. The seeds of Truth don’t need fertile ground to take root and sprout. The Truth does not have a personality. It is not bothered about the condition of anyone’s faith or belief in it.

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