Your Life Purpose is a Right

There is no purpose in life until you create one. Carl Jung said that he would rather be whole than good. If you accept this then, you might say that the purpose of life is to become whole, therefore the daily mission in life is to be holistic. Your vision, if you choose to envision it, would be equality, as Jung’s statement seems to suggest, rather than being good or bad.

Life is not supposed to be one-sided. If it was, your life would be lopsided. This approach would cause your life and other’s lives to be unequal and out of balance. It would cause many physical, emotional, mental and spiritual projections. Projection is a process where a person unconsciously denies and then rejects their own unacceptable positive or negative personality characteristics by assigning them to other people, places or objects in the outside world instead.

A lopsided life would manifest major issues with equality, which impacts on human rights. It creates “-ism” issues. Ism Issues may be:

  • sexism,
  • racism,
  • ageism,
  • classism,
  • environmentalism and more.

A one-sided life may cause you to suffer conflict between your inner masculine and inner feminine personality aspects. This is the struggle of what I refer to as ‘inner sexism’, where the feminine qualities of creativity, intuition and imagination are ignored or overridden, or the masculine qualities of common sense, goals, planning and reasoning are often rejected. Men may consider their inner feminine aspects to be either inferior or superior, and women may consider their inner masculine aspects to be either inferior or superior.

There may be issues of inequality that materialise as ageism, such as a disrespect for older people and their wisdom, a denial of growing older gracefully, or obsessions with a youthful appearance, or conversely, a contempt for younger people, or an envy of their youthfulness.

There may be issues of sexism. Men may consider themselves superior to women, or women consider themselves superior to men, or women consider themselves inferior to men or men see themselves as inferior to women. Issues of racism would be prevalent, where one culture perceives their cultural values and/or their religious beliefs to be superior or inferior to another. Classism may be an issue, where the divide remains between upper, middle and lower income groups of people, and between the first world and the third world.

Issues of environmentalism would be prevalent, where humans believe they are superior to nature and so they have little or no regard for the environment and its non-human creatures, which naturally forces humans to feel inferior when their lack of mutual respect backfires or comes back to haunt them.

Anodea Judith, in her book, ‘Eastern Body, Western Mind’, proposed that there are seven core individual rights. They are:

  1. The right to be here and to have
  2. The right to want and to feel
  3. The right to act
  4. The right to love and be loved
  5. The right to speak, to self-expression, and to be heard
  6. The right to see or perceive
  7. The right to know; information, education and truth

Judith suggests that reclaiming them all would bring about personal healing. To carry this idea further, and thus envisioning an ideal world, if every individual reclaimed each one of these rights, then the healing of humanity would occur. The healing would be the embodiment of human rights and the subsequent equality that arises between:

  • inner masculine and inner feminine,
  • between men and women,
  • between countries,
  • between cultures,
  • between religion and spirituality
  • between personal values and philosophies,
  • between classes and
  • between humans and nature and much more.

This would virtually eliminate division and conflict between opposing forces. It is an ideal that may or may not ever completely materialise, but striving for a reduction between these opposites is holistically motivated. It is a demonstration of how much one values the concept of equality. Instead of being one-sided, it is a move toward becoming whole.

Since there is no purpose in your life until you create one, what will your purpose be? When will you begin and how will you do it? Here’s how one way to figure it out.

1. Make a time to begin your life purpose.

You have to appoint yourself with your life purpose. Have you made an appointment with it yet? What date and time have you appointed to begin living your purpose?

2. Claim your seven human rights

How many of the seven core human rights are lacking in your life? What are they? When will you claim those rights? What will you do to claim them? If your rights remain unclaimed by you, then how will you help others to claim the same right?

3. Choose an -ism issue.

What –ism issue lights the fires of hell in you? Which –ism issue animates you by stirring you up the most, and begging you to take action on it? Which one drives you like a raging bull to equalise their opposing forces? Choose one and stand up for it no matter what.

Humans are graced with the enormous privilege of having the option to choose their purpose in life. Ennui, as distinct from depression, is a state of mind for the self-indulgent. Your purpose is your choice. Fulfilling it may be the ultimate of all human rights. Your purpose is based on your mission to reclaim human rights. Your vision is equality, if that is something you value, and it starts with you.

Reference: Judith, Anodea. Eastern Body, Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System as a Path to the Self. California: Celestial Arts, 2004

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