A Reliable Remedy for an Existential Crisis

Finding purpose and meaning in life are fundamental cures for an existential crisis. It answers some crucial questions about life; “why am I here?” and “what is my purpose?” and “what is the meaning of life?”  Much unhappiness may be existential in nature.

To find your purpose in life, you need to ask: ‘What do I want to be?’ rather than, ‘what do I want to do?’ Recognising and applying your life purpose is the concept of my first book, “A Dialogue with the Soul – Using Personality Archetypes to Access Your Inner Wisdom.”

It was published in 2011. In it, I explain that your life purpose is a state of being in the world, rather than something you do to the world, therefore your life purpose is not a job. You do a job. You don’t do your life purpose. Caroline Myss tried to convey this idea for many years, and I think the message is finally reaching the hearts and minds of the mainstream audience. If you don’t have my book, you can read an overview of the concept – your life purpose is not a job – here “How to Find Meaning and Purpose in Your Life.”

The type of questions you can ask to personalise the universal purpose of life, which is to love, serve and heal, are:

  1. What do you really want to be? Do you want to be helpful, compassionate, wise, honest, intuitive, practical, courageous, trustworthy? The list is endless, so your choices are infinite.
  2. What form will your state of being take, that is, what characteristics can you bring forth into the world?
  3. Make your decision. Choose at least 3 characteristics. If you are having trouble making decisions, then you can read about self-sabotage here.

Choose the qualities or characteristics that are of most valuable, deeply important, and therefore personally meaningful to you. They are the forms of your state of being.

They are your gifts, and gifts are for giving.

Then ask yourself:

  1. Can I make a commitment to myself to embody these qualities?
  2. Can I make a commitment to behave in this way in all interactions at all times with everyone and everything?
  3. Make your commitment.

If you can’t make a commitment, then give some thought to what’s stopping you. This problem is addressed in my second book, “A Question of Balance – Colour, Energy and Healing with Chakras,” which was published in 2012. If you don’t have the book, you are welcome to read the extract: “How to Move from Static to Dynamic and the 5 Barriers that Stop You,” here. It’s a useful exercise to address crossroads such as these in your life. You can also read about forks in the road here.

Once you commit your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to the state of being you have chosen to be, then you will embody your life purpose. You will obtain and maintain a meaningful life for the rest of your life.