A Better World

Some people dream of a better world. This may be a nice idea, but it is useless to dream of a better world if you can’t conquer the current one. You have to master your time, your energy, your space and your money otherwise your dreams will remain dreams. If you can’t, don’t or won’t master this world, then all you have to offer are dreams that cannot be earthed, grounded or founded in time, energy, space and money.

Discrepancies are the root of misery. Discrepancies stop improvement and development. On one hand, there are parents who believe that the first world education system is rubbish, so they choose to home school their children or send them to alternatives such as the Steiner school. On the other hand, I doubt that any one of those parents would argue that it is not such a rubbish idea that the education system should help educate poor women in third world countries. It seems that the education system is good enough for poor, uneducated women in third world countries, but not good enough so it is rejected by those first world, white, western parents. This is a chronic double standard and a deep insult to poverty stricken women in the third world. The education system rejected by the first world is considered by the first world to be good enough for poor women in the third world. This attitude demonstrates that we in the west are offering these women our rejects. It is a disgrace and brings ever more shame upon the west. It is useless to dream of a better world until you conquer the current one. It is useless to dream of a better lesson until you have mastered the current one.

If you are dreaming of a better world, you can’t stop there. You will also need to create strategies to build this new world. You will also need to check in with rest of humanity to confirm that the dream you are dreaming is the same as theirs and vice versa or a conflict of dreams and unlimited discrepancies will be the result, rather than an alignment and manifestation of them.

In a holistic world, meaning all things being equal and inclusive, there will be no difference between individuals who are dreamers and those who are doers. There will be no separation or division of skills and talents in a world which is equal.  A world that is equal is the manifestation of the concept: All is One without a second. In an “All is One without a second world,” there will be individuals who do both. They will dream it AND they will do it. These people will make the dreams happen because everyone will be dreaming the same dream. When everyone dreams the same dream and everyone works to make it happen, then the dream will be realised.

2 thoughts on “A Better World

  1. I appreciate your passion in this post. I believe in your words.
    Lets teach our children whom will be adults soon teaching children about equality among friends across the globe. I truely believe peace starts in the heart. If you can find this, teach this, we can only share this and create great leaders.
    Thank-you so much for this.


    1. Thank you Tara. When it burns in the heart it’s hard to ignore. I think I’ve managed to ignite it in my three children. I hope it’s contagious. Thank you for your interest.


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