Of Vampires and Zombies

Positive thinking and it’s influence on emotional health has not been an entirely positive one. Life goes up and down, but the positive thinking movement, and their demands to think positively instead of objectively, has managed to contribute to the notion that normally healthy happy people, who suddenly find themselves feeling bad or sad about the normal difficulties in life, are abnormally sick. Therefore, this sickness must be smothered with happy pills. The spectrum of emotions that society is currently permitted to feel has been drastically narrowed. One way to manage life when you find yourself in such a confined space is to distract yourself with fantasies and larger-than-ordinary-life illusions.

With more of western society addicted to drugs, alcohol, the internet, gambling, sex, eternal youth, physical perfection, superiority, and making ‘dirty money,’ more than ever before, in forms such as match fixing in sport,  it is interesting to note that, alongside these larger-than-ordinary-life experiences, there has been a rising fascination with zombies. Zombies are the mythological wounded, walking undead creatures that are controlled, and can be revived, by their Bokor, or sorcerer. Their popularity is similar to the vampire phenomenon experienced a few years ago. Vampires are also mythological creatures. They feed on the life essence of the living and the undead. Myths are a psychological way of capturing, containing and then voicing the challenges, fears, anxieties and triumphs experienced by humanity.  Stories and fiction which contain these myths are socially therapeutic, because myths are also larger-than-life. They are extraordinary. The dark and light sides of the story combine to make it that way. Their power offers a healthy source to draw on to help transform many of life’s challenges into triumphs.

When humans are caught in addictive behaviour, it takes hold of their life force. It captures their spirit. Their addiction has a type of Bokor power over them.  An addict’s energy for their ordinary, day to day living is possessed by their Bokor. Their spirit is captured, and their thoughts are obsessed. An addict’s emotions are repressed and sadly, but ultimately they are deadened like a zombie.

When more of your spirit is out of your body than in it, at best, all you can do is go through the motions of life and keep up appearances. This will eventually make you sick because you don’t have enough life force in your body to fuel your existence.  You have to refuel your body, emotions and mind every day, but many don’t know how to do that, or what that means, and so this is where vampire energy seeps in. People with vampire energy are emotionally or mentally draining. They ask, and they take, too much of your good nature, and because of your good nature and an inability to refuse, you play along by giving in to them. People possessed by vampire energy prefer not help themselves.  All too often they need rescuing, and will try to make you feel guilty if you say no, or they make it difficult for you to say no. They will martyr themselves and expect you to resurrect them. They are experts at emotional blackmail and manipulate others to get what they need. What they need is your energy and they will suck your power dry if necessary. One of the strongest forms of vampire energy currently manifests as Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

When zombie or vampire energies cause trouble in your life, their power is not meant to destroy you. Their energies are supposed to make you stronger. You are meant to realise your inner strength.  The purpose of zombies and vampires in your life is to bring out the best in you. These energies are there to emphasise, highlight and expose the significance of developing, maintaining and managing the strength and power of your life force. Without this ability, you become and remain one of the walking dead instead. You can begin the process of waking up your feelings and reviving your spirit by being mindful and meditating, but these alone will not be enough to refuel the energy you need to feel your feelings safely and fully.

You have to be present to more moments in your life, so it is crucial that you call your spirit back into your body and into the present moment and here again, doing this once will certainly not be enough. If most of your energy has been out of your body for most of your life, then it will take more than one attempt to keep your energy in the present moment.  You have to make it a habit, so use the energy that fuelled your addiction and inject it into being present. If you don’t know how to do this, then you must find someone to teach you how to train your spirit to stay present in your body, your emotions and your mind. This is the art of living in the present, and you have to master it if you want to feel safe to feel your feelings. When you have refuelled your body, your emotions and mind with the life force, you will uplift and strengthen your spirit. You will be safe to feel your feelings once again. You are meant to triumph, to break the Bokor’s spell over your life. It’s one way to conquer zombie forces and ward off vampire energy.

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