Harvesting the Truth

You know the truth about yourself has landed upon your interior world when it animates you in a positive or negative way. Crash landings tend to stir up an excess of energy from their impact, creating blow outs and explosions, but they also produce a deficiency of energy by the massive holes and craters they leave behind. The truth makes a gentle touchdown on an interior landscape that is in harmony with itself and it’s surroundings.

You might be hurt by the truth, reassured by it, or deliriously happy about it. When one or more of your six senses detects the truth, and you accept the information as true, it can affect your self esteem and confidence in three ways. Their effect can be temporary or permanent.  The choice is yours. Recognising the truth may produce a deficiency or reduction in your sense of self. It might cause an excess or inflation of your sense of self, so your ego gets the better of you. Or it will quietly confirm or reinforce your sense of self. The ultimate purpose of an excess or deficiency in your self worth is to bring it into balance via the truth.

If the truth that you have accepted hurts your confidence or upsets your self esteem, then you know the truth has arrived with a crash. It feels as though you’ve been thumped in your gut, or your heart, or your back. This sensation is meant to highlight a deficiency in your self worth. There is a hole in your sense of self, and your self worth is leaking. It’s urging you to balance your sense of self by prodding you to drop your illusions about who you are and what you are doing. It is trying to steer you into working out who you really are and what you are really meant to do with your life.

If you’ve accepted a truth about yourself that makes you high and drunk on happiness, then you need to check that you are not addicted to perfection, recognition, acknowledgment, superiority, judgement, criticism and being right. Your sense of self worth may have slipped into overdrive and blown out of proportion. You could be ingratiating yourself, or trying to prove yourself or impress others, or you may be compensating for something you believe is still missing. Excessive self worth can be brought into balance by identifying, examining and overcoming these addictions.

If the truth about yourself leaves you feeling calm, harmonious or at peace, then you have been reassured, although you don’t actually need this confirmation. You don’t need it because you’ve not only hoped, trusted, had faith, and belief that you, as you are, and what you are doing, are right for you. You know it to be true.

Being true to who you are is one of the keys to a balanced, healthy life. When you know yourself very well, then your life is balanced most of the time and any imbalances are temporary. If you don’t know yourself intimately, then your life will remain deficient in some areas and excessive in others. Too much work, too much loneliness, not enough money, not enough inspiration, too much security, not enough experience, too much comfort, not enough wisdom, too much money, not enough excitement, not enough discipline, too much pain and not enough pleasure. These deficiencies and excesses will appear to be a permanent part of your nature and your fate. You will believe they are a true version of you, but the truth will point out these discrepancies if you let it. The truth points you towards your destiny.

A personal belief appears to be true until it is scrutinised. It needs to be inspected for authenticity, and exposed if it is fraudulent. Every belief, philosophy and even religion should be challenged, broken down and analysed for it’s usefulness and relevance in the present moment. Every outmoded belief must be destroyed. If you are constantly examining your beliefs about what is true for their relevance – in every moment – then you will not be attached to any of them, and you will not be upset by them either. Letting go of a belief will not be a problem for you because you realise that the strength of your attachment to a belief is equal to how far in or out of the present moment you are at the moment.

The seeds of truth are everywhere. When you take them as yours, and plant them in your heart and mind, fertilise them with your thoughts, and water them with your emotions, they will take root in your soul. When the fruits of your efforts are ripe, they will become a harvest that will sabotage or sustain your sense of self.

2 thoughts on “Harvesting the Truth

  1. Wonderfully craft post, oozing great wisdom, authenticity and integrity, very big thank you for sharing this insight, I really enjoyed this, sincere regards, Barry


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