Time is Now

Time is an illusion and a paradox. If you subscribe to the spiritual theory that “now is the only moment there is”, and you strive to live in the present moment then you would have to admit there is no such thing as time. Now, tomorrow and forever are the same things.

Knowing this does not give you permission to be late. There are many who believe in a present moment philosophy, so it is a surprise to discover that those who claim to support a present moment philosophy have made a habit out of being late. In fact, being late is encouraged in spiritual circles. At any spiritual event you might care to attend, while you have arrived on time, you will have to wait for latecomers to arrive before everyone can begin. 

When you are always late, you are not living in the present and so you will not be present when you agreed to be present. Instead, you are stuck in the past, and further, you have broken the agreement you made to be present on time. This affects you just as much as it impacts on others.  When you have a habit of being late, then you have made a habit of living in the past, and further again, you have another habit of avoiding commitments.  Conversely, if your habit is being too early, and you find yourself trying to fill in time while you wait to begin, then you are living ahead of yourself. You are wasting time if you perceive that time is something to fill in. When you waste time, you kill time. You are not born to kill time waiting. You are living in the future when you do.

When you are made to wait, those who are actually present are dragged back into the latecomer’s past. They are forced to wait while the latecomers catch up. In order to become present, habitual latecomers tie up and then draw on the energy of those already present. This type of behaviour is an abuse and invasion of emotional, mental and spiritual energy. Those who prefer to be present by coming on time must stop enabling the latecomer’s habit; otherwise you are encouraging and maintaining their addiction to being late.

When more of your energy is in the past or in the future, then you cannot be present. Energy that is always late is a symbol of inertia, sluggishness, or disinterest.  Energy that is always early symbolises stress, worry or anxiety. 

When it comes down to living in the present moment, there is a massive discrepancy between what is said and what is done in spiritual circles.  The habit of being late says more about the latecomer and the quality of their energy than it does about those forced to wait on them. Time is everything and at the same time, it is nothing and this is the paradox. To be on time demonstrates your capacity to live in the present moment.

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