Problems are Good for Us

Problems are good for us. They’re fodder for personal and spiritual growth. We grow, and can even blossom, from our difficulties. 

When things go badly for us, there are plenty of problems to solve. We have to come up with solutions, ideas and ways to solve them. We are forced to be creative and inventive. We are pushed to our limits so that we ask for help, delegate responsibilities, set boundaries and be pro-active. The pressure is on us, so we have to act outside our secure comfort zones of thinking and feeling. We have to do something about our dilemmas. 

When life is good, nothing is broken, so there is no need to make repairs. There are very few problems to tackle. When life is good, we don’t need to do anything. We become sleepy and lethargic, so we do nothing. We become comfortable, and even strive to make ourselves more comfortable. Sometimes we become so comfortable that we get stuck in a rut, feel blocked, trapped and unable to move forward. It can feel like we’re stuck in the mud or worse, that we’re rolling around in cow dung. Now we have a problem. 

Be grateful for problems. They provide fertiliser for growth.

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