How Do I Attract a Better Relationship?

Write a list of all the qualities and characteristics you want in a partner.  They may be things like courage, empathy, honesty, personal honour, integrity, determination and discipline.

When all the boxes are ticked, then you might consider that person. But there’s more to attracting a better relationship than that. One of the major keys to attracting a better relationship is to make a commitment to yourself. You have to promise yourself that you will become every one of the things on that list BEFORE you meet your partner.

The rationale here is three fold. Firstly, that you integrate yourself. You become congruent. That is, what you think, feel, say and do is in alignment. Secondly, as a result of integrating yourself, you now have more realistic expectations about your relationships. Thirdly, that you imbue your psychological atmosphere with characteristics and qualities that you value so that you attract something similar into your orbit. You become the change you want to see.

Another key is DO NOT WAIT for the metaphorical kettle to boil. Set and forget. Set yourself in alignment, and then forget about finding someone.

Concentrate on becoming the things that you want to see in the other. When you have ticked as many boxes on yourself as possible, then you are ready for the type of relationship that corresponds best to your personality.  You are now ready for a better relationship.

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