The Potential in Mortality

Make the most of your potential mortality. Every living person is getting older, but not everyone has realised the potential hidden in their mortality yet. If you’re astute enough to realise your mortality, then you’ll know there is an upside to getting older. You are wise enough to stop wasting time, energy, space and money on people, places and things that are not important to you. The downside to not realising your mortality is that you waste time, energy, space and money on people, places and things that are not important to you. If the door to your life purpose has been closed on your life so far, it will fly open when you’ve realise your mortality and you’ve stopped wasting these things.

As you stand on the door step overlooking your purpose and potential at this physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually mature stage of your life, you discover that your perspective has expanded. There is more to it than you thought. You can see that your life purpose is not only found in following your passion and doing what you love. It can found in what upsets you.

A popular approach to the pursuit of life purpose is to believe that you’ll find your purpose if you do what you love and follow your passion. A less acknowledged approach is to trust that your life purpose can be found if you follow your pain. It’s the pain that hurts you so much that you feel compelled to help change it. In this way, when you enter your pain, part of which comes from realising your mortality, then you will find your passion and realise your purpose.

If you are deeply moved by abuse, inequality, disrespect and a lack of integrity, then these types of things offer a place for you to fulfill your life purpose too. From this perspective then, realising your potential mortality offers you a deeply meaningful way to fulfil your life purpose.

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