The Art of Gratitude

Happiness is often fleeting and elusive, whereas gratefulness is enduring. If you want lasting happiness, then replace the pursuit of happiness with a daily practice of gratitude. To be eternally grateful grants you access to happiness.

Gratitude brings you into the present moment.

Developing and refining your ability to be grateful is an art. Like any art form, it needs patience and persistence and practice. Mastering the Art of Gratitude begins with being grateful for the little things in life. Be thankful for all the good in your life.  When you master the art of being grateful for all the wonderful things, big and small, when appreciation comes easily to you, and it’s a habit to do so, then move onto some of the small, negative things in your life. Start small and step by step, you will learn to master the art of being grateful for the negatives in your life too. Being grateful the good is your life is easy. The real challenge is to be grateful for your life when things are not so easy. Every difficulty contains a gift. Each one forces you to find and develop your strength and resources.  You discover emotional and mental qualities you didn’t know existed before you encountered the challenge and the inevitable gift it contains.

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