Your True Self is not a Woo Woo Mystery

Who am I? Why am I here? What was I born to do with my life? The pesky big questions. They sit at the back of your mind until you can’t hold them back any longer.

The answers are not a woo woo mystery. The short answer to each question is that you are your true self. You’re here to recognise your true self. You were born to operate your life from the inside out rather than the outside in. That means letting your true self out of the box as often as you can.

Let your true self out of the box.
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Your true self is sacred. Your true self is the real you. Authentic. Genuine. You can find your true self behind the front door that is your personality. So your true self is often timid. And here’s why:

Your personality is a blend of characteristics that – usually – you’re conscious of and therefore prepared to show the world. Those parts of your personality that you’re not prepared to share with the world – either consciously or not – become your shadow parts. These parts can be a mix bag of good, bad and ugly. That’s why some people avoid connecting with their true self. They believe that the bad and ugly parts are permanent fixtures.

It’s not easy to take ownership of your shadow parts. The lead and the gold. But the thing is, the rewards are huge.

The good parts, when you recognise them, will neutralise the not so good parts. When you neutralise the bad and the ugly parts then your true self has a chance to shine through.

Not so timid after all.

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