Your Changeless Core

Living in uncertain times is not easy. But one thing doesn’t change. Your true self. You’ve probably heard your true self referred to as your inner self, the real you, the divine self, or your transcendental self. Your true self is the part of your nature that is authentic, genuine, honest and transparent.

However, your true self is much more than that. According to ancient and contemporary mystics, your true self is sacred. Your true self is changeless. And timeless. They say that the closer you get to your true self, the greater your sense of infinite freedom.

In his foreword to ‘Entering the Castle’ by Caroline Myss, Ken Wilbur says that:

‘The closer you get to your true self, the more you live in the timeless present, which includes thoughts of the past, the present and the future, all occurring in the timeless now. So think about the past all you want: Just watch them arise in the present’ (2007, p. xviii).

You’re on sacred ground when you’re in your true self.
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There’s power in the here and now. You’ve been there before when you meditate, or when journaling, or deeply involved in a creative activity. You’ve experienced this power. You know it by name. It’s called flow. You need this power. You need your mind set in the power of flow if you want to get closer to your true self.

Flow is effortless once you’re in it. It’s a state of mind where you lose track of time, where your concentration is so intense that it crowds out the things that don’t matter.

When you experience the power of flow, Your personal energy bank account will grow. Experience more flow, and you’ll have more personal energy to spend. Less flow means more stress. While some stress is healthy because it keeps you motivated, too much stress for too long has the opposite effect. Too much stress reduces your personal energy account. How well you manage your personal energy budget will impact your ability to be in the here and now.

It may sound overly simplistic, but when you’re tired, exhausted, hungry, thirsty, sick or generally feeling physically uncomfortable in yourself and your environment, then your personal energy budget is reduced. They’re barriers between you and your true self.

At first it might seem self focused, even selfish, but the more you can get into your true self, especially in these difficult times, the more your personal energy budget grows. You’ll have the power in you to push through uncertainty with greater ease.

You’re on sacred ground when you’re in your true self. Your true self is the sanctuary inside you that’s always there, quietly waiting to be discovered or rediscovered.


Myss, C 2007, Entering the castle: an inner path to god and your soul. Free Press, New York.

Csikszentmihaly, M 2008, Flow: the psychology of optimal experience. Harper Perennial, New York.

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