Your Personal Energy Budget

On a pleasant, stress-free day, when you’re in a good mood and in good health, and there are no issues of the past coming back to haunt you, and no worries of the future overwhelming you, then you might feel close to 100% full of energy. You might say that you have a healthy personal energy account with enough energetic currency available to spend during that day. It sounds perfect, but too often the reverse is true.

How much energy you possess and how you spend it affects your ability to function effectively on a daily basis. How you invest your energy will increase or deplete your personal energy budget. Good health and wellbeing depends on the levels of energy in the body.

You possess the ability to harness your personal energy and use it to empower yourself and others.

When you’re feeling well, your body is full of energy and life. The life in your body is an invisible force of energy. You know it’s there when you feel great. It overflows all around you, creating a field of energy that is contagious.

When your energy is in a negative state, say when you’re in a bad mood, or you feel rundown and cranky, this too overflows, affecting your life and the mood of others. This is the power of your personal energy. It creates an atmosphere that surrounds you. You have the power to create a positive or negative energy field. It all depends on how you invest your personal energy.

You also have the power to remain neutral, since the life force is a neutral type of energy. If you’re not aware of the life force and how to use it wisely, then you’ll have less control of your energy and the atmosphere it creates.

A lack of energetic control is like a moving car without a driver. It can impact the state of your relationships, finances, health and life. When you’re conscious of your energy and you know how to invest it, then you can put it to work in a manner that enhances your life instead.

You possess the ability to harness this energy. When you use your energy in a positive or constructive way, you can enhance your health and wellbeing. If you use your energy in a negative or destructive way, then it will deplete your health and wellbeing.

Picture this. If you could attach a tracking device to the energy you send on positive or negative missions, you would find that it moves through your body, around your energy field and beyond it in several directions. It’s as though your life force moves up and down, and in, out and around your body.

Not only are you able to send your energy to others on positive or negative missions, but they will also send their energy to you on negative or positive missions. Energy sent to you on negative missions, such as other people’s dishonesty, resentment, disrespect or guilt trips, are dumped into your energy field. This is where it can negatively affect your personal energy budget, and finally, your body. With more and more energy sent on negative missions with each guilt trip that comes your way, it continues to build up, eventually overflowing into your physical body if the energy is not removed. Imagine the impact this might have on your health. Your wellbeing deteriorates, affecting the parts of your body that are susceptible, weak or vulnerable.

Alternatively, if you send your energy on a negative mission to others, you are in effect, dumping that negative energy onto them. The energy you’ve sent on a negative mission then makes its way into the most vulnerable areas of their body with adverse physical affect. To continue to send or receive negative missions is harmful to both parties involved. It causes a great deal of stress and drains the sender’s energy and power as much as it overloads the receiver’s energy and power.

It takes a lot of personal energy to send your life force on a negative mission. Imagine this:

• Mental power is spent on thoughts of revenge.
• Will power is spent on addictive behaviour.
• Emotional power is spent on feeling angry about a divorce 6 years ago.
• Creative power is spent overworking by doing 50 hours every week.
• Physical power is spent overtraining the body.

It takes a lot of energy to maintain this situation. Energy sent on negative missions will also wear out or weigh down the other person’s energy and wellbeing. This is the power of negative missions. No-body wins. Everyone loses. Chaos, stress and ill health are too often the result.

On the other hand, energy sent on positive missions, such as honesty, kindness, compassionate thoughts, empathy or respect, can also land in your energy field and take up residence in your physical body in a weak or susceptible area. Imagine this:

• Mental power is spent retrieving energy invested in vengeful thoughts.
• Will power is spent on ways to overcome addictions and empower the self.
• Emotional power is spent on coming to terms with the divorce.
• Creative power is spent on a better balance between work, rest and play.
• Physical power is spent on resting the body after training.

Positive missions enhance the health of the sender and the receiver.

A positive mission refuels not only the receiver of energy. It also recharges the sender’s energy. The life force of the sender and the receiver is recharged. Their spirit returns. Both parties win. A positive mission has the potential to heal, empower, or transform an attitude, a situation or personal issue. Positive missions can improve any area of life you wish to target. Positive missions improve your personal energy bank account.

Use a laser like focus. You don’t need to bust the limit of your energy budget. You don’t need to go into personal energy debt. Instead, direct your power into realising your purpose. When you do, it becomes your contribution to the evolution of consciousness within the collective soul.

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