Real Magic

Real magic happens when your head says hell yeah, your heart goes boom, and your hands say, yep, we’re on this.

When you’re into real magic everything falls into place. Your inner world lines up with the exterior world and zap, just like magic, you’ve created your reality.

Visualise world peace. Nothing else will work until we do.
Visualise world peace. Nothing else will work until we do.
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Too simple? Yes and no. It’s one thing to self-govern your interior world, but the exterior world is a separate animal with a head, heart, and hands of its own. That is, until you realise the concept of all is one, without a second.

If you want to experience real magic, then you need to get into your true self. When you’re resting in your true self, your sense of inner world versus outer world disappears. You see it for the illusion it is. There is no ‘out there’ or ‘in here’. There is no ‘other’. All is one, so you’re left with a sense of what the mystics call at-one-ness. Others call it flow.

Flow is a state of mind where you lose your sense of self. The line becomes blurred between your inner world and the exterior world. But in a good way, because you experience a sense of being at one with all creation.

You can practice getting into the flow of experiencing your true self. It’s about paying attention. And pointing your attention in the right direction. This can be done by losing yourself in an activity that is deeply meaningful, healthy, and creative.

Watch a child at play next time you have the opportunity. They become so absorbed in their games that they forget about everything else. Their concentration is so intensely in the moment, that it crowds out things that don’t matter to them.

The more often you spend time in your true self, the more life will fall into place for you. And when it doesn’t, because let’s face it, $h!t happens, then you’ll be less inclined to lose your $h!t about it.

Imagine. If just 51% of people on the planet experienced the inner peace of real magic, even for a moment, it might be enough to tip the scale in favour of world peace.

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