Feeding Financial Fears Starves A Creative Spirit

One way to block my creativity is to feed my financial fears. When a fear about money pops up, I have to deal with it immediately, because financial anxiety kills my creativity.

Feeding My Financial Fears Starves My Creative Spirit by Gail Goodwin 2015 Getting to know your creative nature is worth it. The return on your investment can be unlimited creativity. Image by Benno Poeder

Financial panic kills my creativity. Similarly, a preoccupation with financial survival kills my creativity, whereas grief, loss, or healing can often provide fuel for my creative expression. Conversely, a preoccupation with love and serving others can also fuel my creativity. I can be creatively prolific when I feel secure in my body. I can be more creative when I feel safe in my environment. I do even better when I feel comfortable in my environment.

Worrying about money blocks my creative expression. Worrying about money AND not doing something constructive to resolve the situation tends to make it even worse. It took me many years before I realised this. Now, when I’m up against a creative block, one of the first things I do is use the block as a reminder to check my financial condition. I review my budget and update my money management systems.

The nature of our creative spirit is unique. Everyone is different, but poor financial management can be one of the most common barriers to creative development. Managing creative blocks seems to be a universal challenge for creative professionals. It took time and energy, but getting to know my creative nature has been worth it. The return on my investment has been unlimited creativity.

Fears, anxiety and panic about money interfere with the ability to be creative. If I take affirmative action to reduce financial concerns first, then creativity begins to prosper. When I stop feeding my financial fears by taking affirmative action to resolve them, then my creativity starts to flow again.

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