Relaxation Bombs Explode Fears That Block Creativity

Fear of change is a barrier that can block creativity. One way to cure fear of change is to develop and maintain a relationship with now. A relationship with now is one of the most important relationships possible. A relationship with now supports my relationship with myself. It’s important for me to spend time with now.

Relaxation bombs blast fear and unblock creativity, by Gail Goodwin When a relaxation bomb explodes, the fears that block creativity are smashed into tiny bits and scattered in the wind.

Mindfulness, meditation and quiet reflection are good ways to develop a relationship with now, but these activities don’t suit everyone. When life is too busy, or I’m feeling stressed, or consumed by worry, I use a quick visualization exercise to nurture my relationship with now. All it takes is one breath in and one breath out.

This is what I do:

  1. I focus on my solar plexus.
  2. I imagine that I’m standing inside my solar plexus.
  3. As I breathe into this part of my body, I imagine a relaxation bomb is being dropped there.
  4. As soon as it hits and explodes, I breathe out and relax.

When a relaxation bomb explodes, the fears that block my creativity are reduced and easier to manage. I can manage change better. When I’m relaxed, I can collect my thoughts and emotions. Instead of my thoughts and emotions scattering into the winds of fate, when I pull my thoughts and emotions together, I can focus my attention where it needs to be. Here. Now.

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