One Way to Exorcise Your Demons OR How to Reduce Negative Thoughts with Negative Thinking

It’s been said that negative thinkers tend to find a problem for every solution, while positive thinkers look for solutions when they encounter a problem. But what if being negative is not all bad? Negative thinking can be bad when there is no end to it, but it’s doesn’t ALWAYS have to be bad.  Playing the role of the devil’s advocate helps to reduce negative thinking.

Balance your thoughts with the devil's advocate exercise. Reduce too much negative thinking by playing the role of the Devil’s Advocate.

Call me a bit crazy, but this is why I think negative thinking is not all bad. I’ve found that if I dig deep enough, I can locate the positive in amongst the negative. Being negative helps me to be aware of potential hazards and pitfalls. I prefer to see the holes in the road so that I can drive around them. If you ask me, I’d say that’s an upside to being negative. 

There is a downside to always being positive. It helps me to ignore danger. Too much positive thinking clouds my judgement. It affects my ability to be a good judge of character. It reduces the quality of my decisions, so I take risks when I need to careful. Being positive all the time can throw my health, relationships, and finances out of balance.

Too much positive thinking makes me unhappy.

Too much negative thinking makes me unhappy.

Making a list of pros and cons is one way to exercise my devil’s advocate. This list helps me to bring my thoughts back into balance. The usual approach to making a pros and cons list is to start with the pros, but I’ve found that going hard on the negatives first really thrashes the junk out of my system. It exorcises my demons. Instead of listing the pros first, I give my devil’s advocate a thorough workout. When I’m done, then I tackle the pros so I can finish the exercise in a positive frame of mind.

It’s like applying a magical balm to a painful wound.

It gets better in no time.

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