3 Steps Away from Knowing Thyself

“Who am I?” Is a common question that prompts the search for meaning and life purpose. An efficient way to figure that out can be done in just 3 steps:

  1. Choose a quality, or a number of qualities, you are prepared to embody.
  2. Formulate an “I am” statement based on that, such as I am creative. I am compassion. I am empowering. I am sharing. I am healing. I am integrity.
  3. Then act out these statements by applying them to all aspects of life: the family, relationships, friendships, community, nature and the environment, and at work.
who am I by benno poeder
Who am I?

We can expect to find ourselves in the opposite circumstances of who we have decided to be. If our statements were to say I am creative, I am compassion, I am empowering, I am sharing, I am healing, or I am integrity, then we can be sure to find ourselves in situations where there is no creativity, no compassion, no empowerment, no sharing, no healing and no integrity. We choose certain qualities because we’ve recognised a lack of those things in our world. Lack will find us, so that we fulfil the need. This is our purpose in life.

Step up and rise to the challenge.

We find ourselves in opposite situations because we are meant to recognise them as opportunities to express who we were meant to be.

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