Your Soul Purpose Lies Waiting at the Bottom of a Black Hole

The law of attraction is a popular way to manifest your life purpose, but the law of opposite attraction will reveal your deeper, soul purpose.

Human existence and the whole of life are relative. To find and become your soul purpose is relative. You can only be something in relationship to something that is not. There has to be a lack of something for the lack to be filled. You cannot fill a hole unless there is a hole to fill. This is the meaning of fulfillment.

It would not be possible to demonstrate compassion unless there was a lack of compassion. Help is not needed unless there is a sense of helplessness. Rescue is not required unless there is a victim in trouble. Love would not exist except in a place where there is no love. Service does not exist unless there is no service to be found. Healing cannot exist except in a space where there is a lack, and therefore a need, of healing.

Despite current, popular beliefs, your soul purpose is not a pleasure cruise. Ancient and contemporary mystics know about the many Dark Nights of the Soul.

To find your soul purpose you need to enter the dark in order to fill it with light.

yin and yang and your life purpose by gail goodwin
Opportunities to find your purpose are found in opposition

Opportunities to find your soul purpose are located at the bottom of at least one black hole. Your soul purpose is waiting there for you. One person’s loss is another person’s gain, but in the end, it’s a win-win all the same. Opportunities to find your soul purpose are found in opposition.

Note: This is a modified extract from my first book, “A Dialogue with the Soul – Using Personality Archetypes to Access Your Inner Wisdom.” 

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