One Way to Avoid Choking on a Bitter Pill

If I ignore the quiet voice of my inner guide for too long, it goes underground. I imagine that my inner guide begins to froth and blow bubbles, as I try to drown out it’s messages. This makes matters worse.

My inner guide gets cranky.  This is one way to turn my gentle whispering guide into a raging snowball of fury. The force builds up if I continue to ignore it. My inner guide changes shape, form and tone and then explodes onto the scene at random affecting the most important areas of my life. It tries to ruin everything just to get my attention. This is when I know I have helped to transform my inner guide into my inner critic.

She can be such a bitch when this happens.

My inner guide will do what she has to do to get my attention.

At this point, if I want to restore calm, I must pay attention to what the inner critic has to say, because the inner guide has stepped aside to let the inner critic tell me, in no uncertain terms, exactly what I need to know.

She will nag me if she has to. She will berate me if necessary. She will insult me if that is what I need to hear to get me moving in the right direction. She thinks she knows everything. I suspect that she does.

When the situation reaches this point, I have two choices. I can pay attention or not. I choose to pay attention, even when I know that I may not like what I am about to be told. I have learned there may be some value hidden in what she says. So I take out my journal and I write it down. I consider the criticisms with as much objectivity as possible. Then I take action to correct the ones that I sincerely believe are true.

The more often I do this, the more my inner critic stays out of the way so instead, I gain access to my inner guide. Her messages are the same as the inner critic, but they’re softer, more gentle and much easier to swallow.

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