3 Internal Powers All Control Freaks Need (Especially When Things Get Out of Control)

Apart from my own behaviour, deep down I know that the external world is out of my control most of the time. I often manage to forget this truth. (Control freaks often do.) Whenever I realise that yet again, I cannot control everything, I remind myself of three things. If nothing else, I have 3 vast powers available to me. They are internal, but very personal powers that are within my control. They are also universal, so this means they are shared by everyone:

  1. The power of personal choice
  2. The power of personal perspective
  3. The power of personal awareness

An added benefit, that comes by activating these powers within me, is that letting go and surrender become a whole lot easier each time.

It is impossible, and unethical, to control other people and many events that occur in the external world. I’ve found that many out of control instances are perfect opportunities for me to control my attitude and my response by drawing on these 3 simple, yet potent personal powers.

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