A Matchmaker’s Delight

Balance and harmony have been a major focus throughout my life. My focus began with my yoga practice at the age of 14, when my mother enrolled me into my first yoga class. Yoga teaches students the value of divine union. Major characteristics of this union are balance and harmony. After many years of personal and spiritual development, I tend to feel balanced and in harmony more often than out of balance and in conflict. This is how I do it:

I imagine that my head and my heart are in a relationship together.  My head is one partner in a relationship, and my heart is the other partner. When my head and heart are engaged with one another, a union of thoughts and feelings is formed, so a deep yearning for harmony is satisfied. Both sides of my personality are honoured because my thoughts and feelings agree with each other. Here’s what that is like:

When I think that something is a good idea, and I feel it’s a good idea too, then I know I’ve got a match made in heaven going on inside me. If I think that something is a good idea but I don’t feel the same way in my heart, then I know I have work to do. I have to find some common ground between the two.  I have to find out why the idea seems like a good idea according to my head, and why it is not good according to my heart. When my head says yes and my heart says yes, then I can take action. If my head says no and my heart says no too, then I would not take action.  If there is a stalemate between my head and my heart, then the idea is shelved until I’m inspired to reconsider it at a later date. Receiving a yes or no response is secondary.  Ensuring that my thoughts and my feelings are in alignment or not is the primary purpose of the exercise.

Lining up my head and my heart is like setting up two friends for a blind date. They don’t know each other until the meet. It might be a perfect match. Then again, it may not be, but it’s an incredible and reliable way to reduce self-sabotage. Feel free to experiment with this and let me know what happens.

Living my life by making decisions in this manner expands my relationship with me. At the same time, my relationship and with others grows richer. It has a positive effect on my mental clarity and emotional equilibrium. This in turn sharpens my ability to mediate any conflict that arises between my head and thoughts, and my heart and feelings.  This is why a lifelong devotion to yoga and personal and spiritual development has been so important for me. It ensures that my character continues to develop and evolve emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It also gives me a massive amount of energy. It infuses me with passion and enthusiasm. It gives me a lust for life, but there are even more benefits.  It lifts my spirits when I play matchmaker with my heart and my mind. I am happier because I am filled with spirit. This is my personal definition of harmony.

Matchmaking my heart and my mind is fulfilling. When I keep on matchmaking, the benefits continue to overflow so that my external relationships improve one hundred fold as a result. It’s a match made in heaven when my mind and my heart are united and together as one.

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