Why is My Manifestation Process Unsuccessful? Reason #93

Discrepancies between what you feel, think, say and do stand in the way of a successful manifestation process.

If your goal is to manifest something unique, this means it has not been done before. Therefore, doing what others have done before may not help your manifestation process. Others have not done what you are about to do and if they have, then what you are about to do is not unique. This puts you into conflict with what you want and what you do.

You want to be unique, or do something unique, or have something unique or create something unique, but you are fighting this desire by trying to emulate others. You are copying someone else but you are meant to be unique. This confuses the manifestation process. You need the pioneer archetype to straighten out the situation.

The pioneer archetype embodies the art of being unique. It knows how to be original. It is the source of the prototype.  If a part of your destiny is to carve a path into uncharted territory, then you can’t follow in someone else’s footsteps AND be a pioneer at the same time.

2 thoughts on “Why is My Manifestation Process Unsuccessful? Reason #93

  1. Thank you. I based this reason #93 loosely on the “definition of madness” that is, if we keep doing the same thing but expect different results.” And everyone’s destiny is different, but we keep thinking we want to be like so and so, and we are sold this idea, too by the personal and spiritual development industry. “Be like me – look what I have manifested – you can do it too” but that is not entirely true if everyone is different and so is their destiny.


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