How Do I Find My Life Purpose?

Your life purpose has no fixed address. It is portable and mobile because it is inside you. You can take it and apply it where ever you are. You can inject your life purpose gifts into anything you want.

There are no conditions on your purpose.

Your freedom is absolute.

You are free to choose what, where, how and why you inject your gifts into anything you want. There may or may not be a return for your investment or your efforts. This is why it gets messy when your job and your life purpose are the same thing. Since you have so much free will available to do what you will with your life purpose gifts, then you have to be willing to fulfill your life purpose by giving your gifts without guarantees of a return. It has to be unconditional. It’s the trade-off you make for accessing such a vast amount of free will and self-expression of your life purpose gifts.

Your life purpose can be found any ‘where’, any ‘what’, any ‘how’, any ‘when’ and any ‘why’ that inspires you to feel pleasure OR pain.

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