The Value of Support During Your Spiritual Development

Before, during and after any form of personal or spiritual development, or spiritually focused training, without any doubt, there will be times when you need support and mentoring for your:

  • Personal Development
  • Psychic Development
  • Intuitive Development
  • Spiritual Development
  • Spiritual Business/Professional Development

It is a myth that self help and spiritual growth, and even psychic development, will be useful, relevant or successful without professional spiritual mentoring, support, guidance and help. The purpose of spiritual development is to grow in consciousness. This means that you will bring your unconscious into consciousness. Some of that unconscious material may not be easy to accept, let go, surrender, move on, heal, transform, process or ultimately integrate.

Meditation, dream work and interpretation, developing psychic abilities or your intuition, or undertaking any form of deep personal introspection and self examination serve to draw out the unconscious. In fact, making the unconscious conscious can sometimes bring on a spiritual crisis, or a series of crises, often referred to as the Dark Night of the Soul. This period of emptiness and darkness can happen at any time in your development. In can occur in the beginning, the middle or advanced stages of spiritual growth. It may happen more than once. This type of spiritual crisis may be brief, or last many years, but it is unavoidable once you choose to embrace your own spiritually.

You are not meant to go through this process, or any other form of crisis – physical health, creative, relationship, financial, emotional or mental crisis for that matter – on your own. You don’t have to wait until a major crisis occurs before seeking expert spiritual help. You are not supposed to waste that much time, energy, space or money. You know your life is stressful when you can feel it in your body as pain, in your emotions as anxiety or persistent negative feelings, or your thoughts as worry and fear. To put off seeking help means you manifest the self-sabotage of your body, soul and spirit.

In ages past, spiritual seekers, shamans, monks, nuns and spiritual novices were able to call on spiritual guidance, support and advice from their spiritual directors. They practiced their spirituality within the context of a monastery or other isolated, introspective, sacred spaces. Their survival needs, comforts (if any) and security were not their responsibility, thus leaving them free to concentrate solely on their spiritual life, and absolutely nothing else. Their needs were the responsibility of the parish or the tribe. This is certainly not the case in contemporary life.

The sacred, monastic-style context is galaxies away from the context of modern life. Contemporary mystics still practice the same approach to spirituality as in ancient times, and at the same time, they attempt to apply it in the modern world. This does not work, especially when you rely on popular culture self help books, the occasional workshop or psychic reading to boost your motivation (for a week or two at most), and the worn-out ears and tired shoulders of your dwindling circle of friends. They are not designed to make up for a lack of soul-based wisdom and experience or spiritual guidance during your spiritual development process or spiritual crises. It is the role of a modern spiritual mentor to provide you with this support.

A lack of genuine spiritual mentoring, coupled with spiritual trickery and slights of hand used by charlatans claiming to offer instant healing and cures in the form of magic wand fixes are often a reason why some modern spiritual seekers abandon their spiritual growth and development. Betrayed by spiritual frauds and superstition, and disappointed by their own naivety, too many seekers resign themselves to a life without enough satisfaction, meaning and fulfilment. An expert spiritual mentor can help to pick up the pieces of a broken spirit and put them back where they belong: Inside your body, soul and spirit so that you run your life on full power instead of on empty.

Recognising that you need help and asking for help, from a professional who knows, are the first steps of self help, but they are often the last ones taken on the road to spiritual consciousness. This is a recipe for a multitude of disappointments and disasters in far too many important areas of life. Professional spiritual help and support is efficient and effective so it contributes to your personal, professional and spiritual productivity. A successful, modern spiritual seeker needs the support of a spiritual mentor. Professional spiritual mentoring saves you time, energy, relationships and money. Prevention may be better than cure, but it is never too late to start.

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